Kazoo! #140: May 3rd: Bruce Peninsula / The Skeletones Four @ eBar

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Kazoo! #140

Since forming in 2006, Bruce Peninsula’s rolling soul revue has left countless clubs shaken and all critics convinced. Colliding a large female choir into an imaginative four-piece rock band, the music is a strange mix of American gospel, African folk and modern progressive rock, resulting in a style often praised for it’s “genre-less” qualities. Bruce Peninsula are uninterested in walking well-trodden paths and simply believe in singing from the gut and letting the rhythm lead.

In 2009, Bruce Peninsula’s self-released debut full-length, A Mountain Is A Mouth, was nominated to the Polaris Music Prize long-list by critics nation-wide. In 2010, they provided the soundtrack Small Town Murder Songs, a feature film by Ed Gass Donnelly that premiered at TIFF in 2010. Bruce Peninsula entered a lengthy hiatus due to illness in 2011, but unveiled a b-side series called The Bruce Trail Fire Sale that ran throughout the year, comprised of one-off videos and performances offered for free online. In October, Bruce Peninsula returned with their sophomore LP, Open Flames (Hand Drawn Dracula).


Compiling songs he’s written over the past five years, psych pop mastermind Andrew Collins presents a remarkable collection of soulful prog that’s dizzyingly great. A shy but incredibly skilled and gifted musician, Collins recently formed the Skeletones Four with Evan Gordon, Jordan Howard and John Merritt: a fantastic new band and outlet for his quirky, mathematically challenging tunes. Despite their off-kilter time signatures, tricky structures and synth-y sheen the songs are warm and starkly emotional. S4 are a hypnotic rock’n’roll band whose prog-y leanings are propelled by airtight post-punk rhythmic precision. At the same time, a vague classic rock-inspired psychedelia infiltrates both their soul-inspired pop ballads and their full-on guitar freak-outs, making the Skeletones Four the most fascinating young band in southern Ontario.

Kazoo! #140: Thursday May 3rd
@ eBar (41 Quebec St)
All Ages / LIC
Doors 9:30pm | $10

Poster by Gillian Wilson

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