Kazoo! #126: Nov. 23rd: BRUCE PENINSULA / MUSKOX @ EBAR

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Kazoo! #126
Bruce Peninsula spent the middle months of 2010 with their heads down, hard at work on their second LP. After spending a year and a half recording their first (the Polaris Prize-nominated A Mountain Is A Mouth), the idea this time around was to write quickly and to second-guess less. By the end of the year, the band was sitting on a wealth of new material, with all roads leading to an LP called Open Flames hitting the public’s ears… right… about… now.

But on December 21st, the morning after a party to celebrate the mastered version in hand, Bruce Peninsula were suddenly side-swiped. Founding member and lead shouter Neil Haverty learned he had contracted Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. The close-knit relationships in Bruce Peninsula existed long before the music ever did and so, the band made its decision without hesitation; their ambitious plans would be postponed and Haverty would be given the time he needed to recover. Lucky then, that APL is a rare but highly-treatable form of Leukemia that carries a 95% chance of recovery. It may have been a particularly dreadful and long winter, but Haverty is now officially in remission and they are ready to launch their new LP ‘Open Flames’.

Muskox is a Toronto-based instrumental group formed to perform the compositions of Mike Smith. Since its inception in 2006 the group has developed a unique ensemble sound based on the diverse musical backgrounds of its membership and unusual banjo-led instrumentation. Muskox’s music is a challenging fusion of jazz, American minimalism, various folk musics, and progressive rock, with a focus on densely structured poly-metric pieces.

In addition to three self-released eps, Muskox released their first full-length recording, titled 5 Pieces, in October 2009 on Standard Form recordings. This fall they’ve released a new album, Invocation/Transformations.

Wednesday November 23rd
@ eBar (41 Quebec St)
All Ages / LIC
Doors 9:30pm

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