Katie Ewald and Leanne Dyer on the Kazoo! Fest Podcast

 In Kazoo Fest! 2019, Podcast 2019
2019 Episode #4: Kitzl

On this episode of the Kazoo! Fest Podcast, Andrea Patehviri of CFRU 93.3 FM and Kazoo! Fest chats with Katie Ewald and Leanne Dyer all about Short & Sweet Guelph Edition. They discuss the position of dance in the art world, the importance of taking creative risks and challenging yourself artistically, and what goes into preparing for a 3-minute performance. Following the chat, Andrea plays some tunes from Kazoo! Fest performers and gushes about how excited she is for the festival!

Jennifer Castle – Crying Shame
Nicolette & the Nobodies – Roses
John Southworth – Lucid Love
Queer Songbook Orchestra – Let’s Go Swimming
Baby Labour – Sneak Bayou
Victime – Fatigue


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