Joyful Joyful – Kazoo! Fest Podcast 2018 Ep #4

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Dave Snider of CFRU 93.3 FM‘s Eternal Rhythm sits down with Cormac and Henry of Joyful Joyful, for a wide ranging conversation about the bands origins, the importance of reverence and blending improvisation with composition in their music, and more. This episode includes great live recordings from Joyful Joyful along with a selection of artists who will be performing at Kazoo! Fest 2018.

Luyos MC / Anthony Donovan – Alt to Unending Conquest (dreams version)
Beverly Glenn Copeland – Ghost House
Cindy Lee – I’ve Seen His Face Before
Joyful Joyful – Oh Sinner (live)
Joyful Joyful – Oh Jubilation (live)

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