Interview with Katie Ewald & Ame Henderson of Public Recordings

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Andrea of Indie Alarm Clock on CFRU 93.3 FM had a chat with Katie Ewald and Ame Henderson of Public Recordings about their upcoming performance/workshop Choreographies of Encounter and What We Are Saying happening this weekend. In their performance they explore the ways in which creating sound and movement can intersect with creating space and listening, allowing for unity and shedding light on the possibility of a leaderless togetherness. In a society where we all seem to constantly be talking over each other, this can teach us ways in which we can subvert the dissonance and use it to make space for each other and work together. In the workshop, they teach some of the exercises that went in to creating the performance. Check out the interview and join us this weekend!
[fvplayer src=’https://kazookazoo.ca/podcast/other/Katie%20Ewald%20Interview.mp3′ width=400 height=20]

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