1mile2 Launch Event: Lecture by Mary Mattingly & Actionable! by Bob Wiseman

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On Wednesday March 30th, we are excited to co-present the debut Guelph performance of Actionable! a multimedia performance by Bob Wiseman as part of the 1mile2 launch, a project of Musagetes.

1mile2 Launch Event
Wednesday, March 30, 7:30pm
@ Guelph Youth Music Centre (75 Cardigan Street), Guelph
Lecture by Mary Mattingly
Multimedia performance Actionable! by Bob Wiseman (Programmed by Kazoo!)
Free Admission

MARY MATTINGLY LECTURE: Co-presented by CAFKA & Musagetes
Mary Mattingly’s art practice began by doing research, drawing sketches and building wearable sculptures for utility and for survival. Her work collapses boundaries between performance, sculpture, architecture, and photography and addresses the need for humans to migrate due to current and future environmental and political situations.
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ACTIONABLE! by BOB WISEMAN: Co-presented by Kazoo! & Musagetes
ACTIONABLE reflects upon hilarious litigious situations when Bob Wiseman tried to establish a solo career after quitting pop group Blue Rodeo in 1991. Lawyers for Prince, lawyers for Warner Music, lawyers for Pepsi Cola, lawyers for David Geffen, lawyers for Blue Rodeo and Canadian lawyer Doug Christie (whose clients include historical revisionists and members of the KKK), are among the unexpected “cast members” with whom he rubs shoulders. Presented using super 8 film, video projection, power-point and musical breaks on accordion, guitar and keyboard. Bob Wiseman is a former member of Blue Rodeo &The Hidden Cameras, producer for Ron Sexsmith, Bruce McCulloch and Scott Thompson of Kids In The Hall, winner of Juno awards & Lifetime Achievement awards from CBC.

On Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Musagetes will launch 1mile2, an innovative eight-month project presenting local and international artists who will explore how we live, work and act together. The projects will take place within a one square mile area encompassing Guelph’s downtown core.

1mile2 brings together international, Canadian and Guelph artists with local ecologists, architects, activists, community leaders, students and residents. Working collaboratively, the artists will explore the limits of our built and natural environments. They will engage Guelph’s many communities through art installations, conversations, workshops and public interventions about our city, its urban development, cultural legacy and sustainable future.

1mile2 is of and about Guelph, it couldn’t happen anywhere else.
This innovative and ambitious project will be launched in Guelph on March 30, 2011 at 7:30pm at the Guelph Youth Music Centre. The event will feature a lecture by New York artist Mary Mattingly and a multimedia performance Actionable! by Bob Wiseman, programmed by Kazoo! Reception and refreshments will follow.

Read more about 1mile2. For more information, contact Nora Webb at 1mile2@musagetes.ca, call 519.836.7300, or visit musagetes.ca.

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