Why Status/Non-Status Rules – By Kevin Drew

Everyone looks for the ultimate sleeping bag in life. A protector that can comfort and choke out a snuggle from yesterdays bullshit that always seems to make a home in the promise of a better tomorrow. Those tomorrows are far from better these days. Meeting Adam Sturgeon and his time machine salt n pepper beard have brought the hypocrisy of now to the forefront. Status/Non-Status has morphed from some sludge sounding miracle whip to the expectations of pop protesting in its current environment. They dive deep into a culture that breeds an insignificant awareness while screaming out jams that speak of maps inside loops of never ending gas stations and frustrated D.I.Y taxes that amount to what little there is left for anyone who tries to be a form of honesty while acknowledging the yes man’s shoes should be pissed on. They rule because it’s a mission amongst bodies and friendship. They rule because they already know they have lost and don’t give a fuck about losing. They rule because they bring the disbelief of onward hypocrisy to the stage and say fuck you and thank you while raging melodies that make you want to be the youth who feels freedom amongst the wreckage. Teachers have to get louder these days. Status is action, not awareness. The only teaching that matters in the times of now. Let their amplifiers remind you that drinking Molotov cocktails is for those who want to burn shit down and check out the ocean along way.


Kevin Drew is a Toronto-based musician, songwriter and producer. A core founder of Broken Social Scene, Drew has also released 3 great solo records on Arts and Crafts, was half of KC Accidental (alongside Charles Spearin) and has produced a number of records including Gord Downie’s Secret Path and Ombiigizi’s Sewn Back Together.

Status/Non-Status plays Kazoo! Fest 2022 on Friday July 15th with Fat Tony, Jane Inc. and SHEBAD at Onyx (12 Wyndham St N., 2nd Floor). Tickets are available here.


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