Status/Non-Status FKA (formerly known as Whoop-SZO) make music that faces personal and generational trauma head on with a focus on taking back spaces. Whether it’s through their intimate acoustic serenades or full fledged gnarly guitar assaults a la Eric’s Trip or Elevator, these songs tell important stories with important sounds. Fronted by Anishinaabe community worker, Adam Sturgeon, Status/Non-Status brings us music and a message we all need to hear. If they are not already, Status/Non-Status are FKA (futurely known as) your favourite band.

Catch Status/Non Status at Kazoo! Fest 2022 at Onyx (12 Wyndham St – 2nd Floor) on Friday July 15th @ 7:30 PM with Fat Tony, Jane Inc., and SHEBAD. This show will also feature live visuals by Evan Gordon and gin ebony DJ’ing between and after sets.

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