Why MOONBEAN Rules – By Veronica Johnny

Valentina is a multi-faceted, pansexual, gender-fluid, Queer artist that plays in the worlds of music, movement and media. She always has projects on the go – either running workshops, filming music videos or prepping for performance, and oftentimes, it’s all three at once. On top of all their amazing skills within the art world, Valentina is an incredibly kind and community-minded person and is a sincere friend.

Their main project, MOONBEAN, holds messages of sexual freedom and radical acceptance. Synthesizers, sex and psychedelics definitely describe MOONBEAN. I admire their impact on body positivity, radical self-love, and sexual expressiveness all within the character of an androgynous, water creature from one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa. It’s not a surprise that I love MOONBEAN because of my close connection with the Spirit of the Water. Water is life. Water exists for everyone in the Universe. As a water being, MOONBEAN tunes into the cosmic vibration that holds space for water.

At every show I’ve seen, the whole audience is up dancing within the first minute and they stay on the dance floor right up until the last beat. The continuous flow of music, space and sound keeps people on their feet and the energy pumping.

When MOONBEAN performs their live hardware set as a duo, joined on stage by producer Colin Harrington, it looks like they are in the cockpit of a spaceship, with the driving beat propelling the ship through the cosmos. Their music is perfect for anyone wanting to have an out-of-body experience. Picture this – MOONBEAN playing a “Studio 54” type venue on Mars. That’s the vibe you get at every one of their performances. These two are spaceship superstars!

What can you expect? Live synth hardware; continuous dance music; Queer, body-positive, radical acceptance, sexual empowerment by an androgynous water creature and the sexy space cowboy.


Veronica Johnny is an Indigenous, Multi-Disciplinary, Two-Spirit Artist best known for her rock’n’roll band, The Johnnys, and is also the founder of IndigenEd, an organization created to lift female Indigenous voices through music, film and art. She also has a solo, multi-genre project is called BeAny.

MOONBEAN plays Kazoo! Fest 2022 on Saturday July 16th with Phèdre, SLEDD and Megan Arnold at Onyx (12 Wyndham St N., 2nd Floor). Tickets are available here.


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