Why Bonnie Trash Rules – By Devere Agard

The artistic collective of Sara and Emma Bortolon Vettor and Dana Bellamy first came onto my musical consciousness and musical radar in the years 2008 and 2009. I had seen them perform in the terrific hard rock band entitled, Red Rosary. I had seen them perform as part of those free concert events put on by the TD Bank and The Guelph Downtown Board Of Management. They knocked me out with their musicianship and stage presence. Friendships followed with them as well as with their parents Larry and Anna. So I followed their musical journey through The Folk and now Bonnie Trash. A full organic circle now with Dana Bellamy on drums back in the fold and now Alanna Gurr completing the line up on bass.

Bonnie Trash rules because their musical scope as performers and writers has no boundaries or borders. Not that being an artist with parameters is a bad thing, however.

The music of Bonnie Trash, to me, is like a splendid cauldron of cool past vibes and new ones of their own concoction. Not to dissect but much like a coroner, their music does touch on death! I like how the genres of metal, alternative, pop, punk and progressive musics intersect and coalesce for something new and shiny on the musical landscape.

I have enjoyed throughout the years memorable concerts by Bonnie Trash at venues such as the eBar, Riverfest Elora opening for Carole Pope (!), Hillside and Jimmy Jazz. But the recent performance at The Oynx nightclub was next level in terms of being both moving and incendiary in terms of artistry, emotion and stage craft.

To me, Bonnie Trash represents the epitome of the Guelph music scene, DIY, passionate, camaraderie, unique, a dedicated vision of their artistic embodiment.

I believe the musical scene in Guelph is unlike other scenes where bands share a common musical thread. Here it is – a collective where everyone has their own musical stamp.

Bonnie Trash are meaningful because they empower themselves and the people around them touched by their vibe and their music in the community and beyond. They rock because they are artistically determined and they continue to push themselves and their listeners.

And, finally, Bonnie Trash – they rock the musical roost since their artistic outlook is both unique musically and on the current music scene. The music may be dark but it’s full of hope and promise! Follow them for an interesting musical journey!


Devere Agard aka the funkybluesdoctor has made Canada home since moving here as a six year old from London, England. He is the host and DJ of Planet Groove airing every Friday 10 am on CFRU 93.3 FM and soon on Niagara Falls-based indie-rocks.ca.

Bonnie Trash plays Kazoo! Fest 2022 on Friday July 15th with Jasmyn, Matthew Cardinal and André Ethier at Royal City Mission (50 Quebec Street). Tickets are available here.


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