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Kazoo! #270: FOONYAP / L CON – Feb 3rd (Matinee) @ Brothers Brewing

Kazoo! Fest & Music Weekends in Downtown Guelph Present:

Calgary violinist & singer Foonyap returns to Guelph with her haunting soundscapes and sharp lyrics. Delicate strings hum in a dance with Foon’s wavering vocals. Layers of violin sonics mutated and stacked create an otherworldly sense of motion as they balance on top of each other. Building deep songs from scant elements Foonyap uses both her voice and the violin for their subtlety and their raw emotion. Caressing sweet tones before she gives them over to the dissonance. Sweeping swells dripping with royal beauty see Foon mining her classical training, but never trailing too far from her folk intuition. Local dancers Dianne Chapitis and Peter Skoggard will be joining Foonyap for the world premiere of a collaborative dance piece.

L CON is the ever-evolving avant-pop project of songwriter and sonic adventurer Lisa Conway. Her recordings have been described as “ethereal, minimalist, experimental, unnerving…and downright elegant” (AUX), with the Toronto Star claiming, “Conway is bound for greatness, even if she doesn’t realize it yet.” A frequent collaborator with a thirst for knowledge, Conway has worked with filmmakers, dancers, and performance artists, and completed creative residencies from Eastern Canada to Southern France. Her newest collection of songs – Insecurities in Being – will be released in 2018, and she’s currently joined live by members of the Jim Guthrie band, Andy Shauf’s live band, and the Skeletones Four.

Saturday February 3rd @ Brothers Brewing Co (15 Wyndham St N Unit A)
All Ages / Licensed – Show at 3:00pm – Pay-What-You-Can
Brothers Brewery is a physically accessible venue.

Thanks to Downtown Guelph for including this show as part of the wonderful Music Weekends in Downtown Guelph series.

Kazoo! #269: Phèdre / The Magic – Jan 18th @ eBar

Melted-pop duo Phèdre make music for escaping. The visually evocative soundscapes emerging on their previous releases take form like a great comic; a concise narrative, bright colors, and psychedelic textures. If comic books had strobe lights Phedre‘s certainly would. As for what they take from the real world, Phèdre‘s music borrows from hip-hop, psych and high-bpm electronica to make music digestible to internet-induced-ADD-types and also those who can sit through a heavily conceptual full-length.

The Magic
Blue-eyed synth soul with an ’80s bent, The Magic transcend time and place on Night Falling, their long-awaited follow-up to the 2012 debut, Ragged Gold. The duo of Geordie and Evan Gordon spent four years crafting the record, during time off as touring members of Islands, creating a sparse, haunting new sound focused on Geordie’s croon and falsetto, with sonic nods to Sade, Hall & Oates, Haim and Blood Orange. Now joined by the impassioned vocals of Jessy Bell Smith and Tim Clarke, The Magic has never sounded better live.

Versa is an audio/visual collaboration between process-based artist Monika Hauck and musician Alex Ricci. Expanding on their increasing infatuation with live improvisation and sound-responsive visuals, VERSA produce engrossing video backdrops using hand-crafted props and locally-sourced imagery. VERSA will illuminate the stage for some amazing acts, showering them with layered colour, strobing shapes and hints of a dream you once had.

DJ Junglecat
Bringing you the finest bass heavy sounds of the UK – specializing in bassline house, uk garage, uk funky, grime, dubstep and jungle/drum n’ bass.

Thursday January 18th @ eBar (41 Quebec St – 2nd Floor)
Unfortunately eBar is not a physically accessible venue
Doors 10pm – All Ages / Licensed

This show is happening as part of the ArtsEverywhere Festival

Kazoo! presents ‘Audible Songs from Rockwood’ by Fiver with Bry Webb – Jan 11th @ ANAF

Kazoo! presents:

Audible Songs from Rockwood

by Fiver w/ Chris Coole & John Showman
+ an opening set from Bry Webb

For almost a decade, Simone Schmidt has been writing new life into and around folk, country, and rock songs. Critically outspoken and largely evading the branding of the music industry proper by working under several aliases, Schmidt might be recognized for her tenure as the front person and songwriter for country act One Hundred Dollars (2007-11) or psych rock unit The Highest Order (2011-ongoing), or from her solo work as Fiver (2012 – on). Schmidt has six LP’s to her writing credit, along with a range of singles, collaborations with artists as wide ranging as hardcore punk phenomenon Fucked Up, to the inimitable USGirls, and Old Time and Bluegrass veteran Chris Coole. Schmidt has produced original works for film (World Famous Gopher Hole Museum, Land of Destiny) and appears as a guest vocalist on a number of records, including Doug Paisley, Tasseomancy and The Wooden Sky.

In April 2017, Schmidt released Audible Songs From Rockwood on Idee Fixe Records, a song cycle based on the lives of people incarcerated at the Rockwood Asylum for the Criminally Insane in Upper Canada between 1856 -1881.

Bry Webb
Guelph’s own Bry Webb weaves together the honest sentiments that get us all through each day. A deeply affecting singer/songwriter, Bry’s peaceful and sincere performances are full of celebratory, nostalgic and touching songs, delivered in a way that makes you understand why he’s been so influential in Canadian music for the past 10+ years.

Thursday January 11th @ ANAF (32 Gordon St)
Physically Accessible Venue
$12 Advance / $15 at Door
Advance tickets on sale at Royal Cat Records

Look Hear 2018 Winner Announced!

Kazoo! Fest and Ed Video are thrilled to announce this year’s winner of the 2018 ‘Look Hear’ commissioning project, to be premiered in April, 2018 at Kazoo! Fest:

‘We Who Dare’ is a new multimedia performance by Luyos MC (MaryCarl Guiao) and Karl Skene. Music played on traditional kulintang gongs from the southern Philippines are combined with poetry, illustrations, video, and traditional dress to create an experience where Indigenous Pilipinx identities and truth bearers can be felt and heard.

‘We Who Dare’ tells the story of Boi Beting, an elder and tribal leader from the southern Philippines currently seeking refugee status in Canada, and her lifelong battle to protect the land and local communities at the foot of Mount Apo, the highest peak in the Philippines.

Thanks to Ed Video Media Arts Centre for making this possible.

Kazoo! & Silence Present: Jessica Moss + Ben Shemie – Nov 30th @ Silence

Montreal violinist Jessica Moss has performed and recorded with a wide spectrum of ensembles over the last two decades. Best known as a permanent member of Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, she was also a founding member of avant-klezmer group Black Ox Orkestar, recorded and toured with the Vic Chesnutt band for the two albums released on Constellation, and worked extensively with Carla Bozulich’s Evangelista. May 2017 heralds Jessica Moss’ first official full-length solo release. Comprised of two side-length multi-movement compositions, Pools Of Light is a stunning work that unfolds at a stately, inexorable pace, combining sound-art and signal-processed timbres, extended melodic and contrapuntal lines, and the periodic deployment of stark, minimalist vocals.

BEN SHEMIE (Montreal)
Always exploratory and meticulous, Shemie’s solo pursuits involve performance based experimental sound practices that integrate freeform excursions and more structured compositional music — veering into classical, radio art, new technologies and all manner of other avant-garde investigation. Best known as singer and guitarist for art-rock-tronica act Suuns, Shemie also boasts a background in modern classical composition and experimental performance. A fascination for electronic music, specifically the seminal releases of Warp Records spurred him to experiment, expand his sound and fuse it with the conventions of many genres. Shemie’s latest concern Enduring Love, has him taming feedback and sound swells, teasing the elements into figures and forms as he rides out their fury or their fragility. A powerful improv-heavy piece of angular, ambient drone, prepare to be enveloped.

Thursday November 30th – Kazoo! #267
@ Silence (46 Essex Street) – Physically Accessible Venue
All Ages / Licensed – Doors at 8pm
$10 Advance (Details TBA) / $15 Door

Poster by Nathan Campagnaro