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Music Submissions Open for Kazoo! Fest 2019

We are now accepting music submissions for Kazoo! Fest 2019 happening April 10-14th, 2019 in Guelph, Ontario. There is no charge to apply, simply fill out this form by Friday November 30th.

Kazoo! #285: Christine Fellows / John K. Samson – Nov 23rd @ eBar

Christine Fellows
Christine Fellows’ songwriting has been described as “antique yet avant-garde, and quietly theatrical” (NOW Magazine) and “slyly unpredictable, rarely self-serious, and unabashedly tuneful.” (SPIN Magazine). Fellows is based in Winnipeg, Treaty One Territory, where she collaborates with artists from all disciplines to create and produce performance works and recordings. In November 2018, she’ll release her 7th solo album, Roses on the Vine (Vivat Virtute). Her live band features Alex McMaster (cello), John K. Samson (bass), and Jason Tait (drums).

John K. Samson
John K. Samson is a talk-singing sober leftist vegetarian Quaker from Winnipeg. His most recent solo album, Winter Wheat, was released in 2016 (Epitaph/Anti-).

Kazoo! #285 – Friday November 23rd @ eBar (41 Quebec St)
All Ages / LIC – Doors 9:30
Unfortunately eBar is not a physically accessible venue.
$12 Advance / $15 Door

Kazoo! #284: Luge / Haolin Munk / Glüv – Nov 15th @ eBar

Toronto’s Luge takes the raw, no-fucks-given attitude of punk and combines it with the disciplined musicianship of jazz musicians, melding it into something both wacky and exquisite. They’re not so much breaking all the rules as they are creating new ones, and the result is music worthy of the wildest dance party. This four-piece are celebrating the release of their new album “Tall Is Just A Feeling” at this show.

Emerging out of the cutting-edge and inspiring HAVN community in Hamilton, Haolin Munk are, ultimately, a jazz quartet that plays a range of covers from Miles Davis to Black Flag alongside a selection of their own creations. This band of heavy hitters will blow your mind with their chops and force you to move your feet with cuts from their futuristic concept album ‘Planestasia Suite’.

Guelph boyos Kyle Coveny & Tyson Brinacombe are Glüv. These two have been twisting knobs, smashing samplers, and warping tones in secret and they are finally ready to share some weird electronic musics with us lucky people.

Thursday November 15th @ eBar (41 Quebec St)
All Ages / LIC – Doors 9:30pm – $10
Unfortunately eBar is not a physically accessible venue.

Kazoo! Spoooktacular – Oct 26th & 27th

Kazoo! Spoooktacular
👻👻👻 October 26-27th 👻👻👻

Get ready for a spine shivering weekend with 3 spoooktacular shows featuring performances by Sandro Perri celebrating the release of his new album “In Another Life”, Guelph’s own Evan Gordon debuting his Carnival of Fear, as well as the return of some Kazoo! favourites including Persons, Corpusse, Bonnie Trash, Bile Sister, Isla Craig and more. We’ll also have live visuals and spooky environs from VIDEOMANCY, Brian Schirk, and Sloptech. Let’s get spoooked!

Friday Oct 26th @ ANAF (32 Gordon St)

Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band
Bonnie Trash
I Feel Sorry

Doors 9pm – 19+ – $10 Advance / $13 Door
Venue is Physically Accessible – No Hats!
Buy Advance Tickets

Saturday Oct 27th @ Heritage Hall (83 Essex St)

Sandro Perri
Isla Craig

Doors 7:30pm – All Ages – $12 Advance / $15 Door
Venue is not Physically Accessible (Stairs)
Buy Advance Tickets

Saturday Oct 27th @ eBar (41 Quebec St)

Evan Gordon’s Carnival of Fear
Bile Sister
+ DJ Noah 23 & Sensi Boy

Doors 9:30 – All Ages / LIC – $10 Advance / $13 Door
Venue is not Physically Accessible (Stairs)
Buy Advance Tickets

+ Live visuals & spooky environs from VIDEOMANCY, Brian Schirk, and Sloptech presented by Ed Video Media Arts Centre

Get your Spoooktacular Special Weekend Pass – $25 for all 3 shows

Sponsored and Supported by: Department of Canadian Heritage, The City of Guelph, Ontario Creates, Wellington Brewery, and Ed Video Media Arts Centre.

Pucumber Sasssquatch Family Band
A bunch of vintage sprouts fell into an enormous sauce and dissolved into a cacophony of riffs picante. Nobody was looking and the pizza oven barfed out a buffet of compost-math-punk dance party dementia. A bizarre seizure of frenetic flash fry smileicons lets a chakratic tickle-fest win in an armwrestle while the dishwasher breakdances on a giant electric fruit roll-up that’s on sale. Bake 25 mins and you’ve got the Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band.

Bonnie Trash
Guelph’s Bonnie Trash is a dark and moody art-pop trio led by Sara and Emma BV and rounded out by Chris Worden. Their debut EP, Ezzelini’s Dead, delves into the Italian folklore surrounding Ezzelino’s III da Romano, a medieval tyrant who purportedly ate his enemies and neighbouring peasants. Powerful, engaging, eerie — and one of Guelph’s best.

The Toronto/Montreal shock-opera legend has been shivering spines since the 80’s and we’re excited to bring this cult legend back to Guelph. Corpusse has been described as “a cross between spoken word and pro wrestling” and that pretty much hits the mark. Get ready to step in the enigmatic and disturbed reality of Corpusse.

I Feel Sorry
From the haunted house at 42 Jane St comes a brand new gang of ghouls. Spiked with punkin spice and flavours of Dinosaur Jr., Built to Spill, and the noisier side of grunge, Guelph’s I Feel Sorry will thrill, chill, and amaze.

Sandro Perri
Constellation Records’ Sandro Perri is a musician that truly warrants that annoying categorization of “undefinable.” Seamlessly merging elements of folk, jazz, art pop, rock, experimental, improv and much more, Sandro Perri is incredibly unique. This show will mark the release of ‘In Another Life’, his first new solo album since the acclaimed ‘Impossible Spaces’ from 2011.

Isla Craig
Isla Craig is a multi-dimensional vocalist and songwriter living and working in Toronto, ON. With pointed attention towards vocal delivery and melodic play, her music is underpinned by languid psyche blues rhythms and arrangements that tumble into trance states. She dropped one of our favorite records of the year (“The Becoming”) and is set to drop one of our favorite sets of the year, too.

Evan Gordon’s Carnival of Fear
Guelph’s haunted mastermind returns with a demonic new stage show. If you entered the Fun House at Kazoo! Fest last year, then you know Evan doesn’t do anything less than epic. — get ready for the Carnival of Fear!

PERSONS is a communal, primal force of glitter, glam and grit that creates high-energy, multi-media performances featuring dancers, video and live instrumentation.
The music hinges on obscene juxtapositions that pair lush samples with white noise, obscure vinyl melodies with unpalatable digital-age pop textures, danceable beats with rhythmic destabilization.

Bile Sister
Bile Sister is the powerful, experimental, avant-pop project dreamed-up by Julie Reich (Toronto) and now features Heloise Simone George in the live outfit along with a rotating cast of talented musician guests. Get ready for some chain-rattling, hard-hitting, dark synth pop.

DJ Noah23 & DJ Sensi Boy
Guelph’s dark demigods of Goth Trap, DJ Noah23 & Sensi Boy will be freaking the speakers all night, bringing the best in haunted hip hop, ghoulish goth, and everything in between.

Kazoo! Stage @ Lumen (Waterloo) – Sept 29th

Kazoo! have teamed up with Lumen to bring a genre-defying lineup of artists to Waterloo. As part of Lumen Festival, get ready for a lineup including avant-jazz, electro-experimentalism, post-punk, and instrumental hip hop. Unfurl your freak flag and let’s get weird in Waterloo!

Esther Grey (6pm)
Esther Grey, a band hailing from Guelph, dishes up garage-cooked spook-pop that oscillates between scrappy and ethereal. Performing now as a trio, they play the low notes and they play the high notes and they play the notes in between.

Eddyevvy (7pm)
Waterloo has birthed a monster. Originating in 2016 as a duo consisting of Micaela Loreto and Mitchell Hartung, EDDYEVVY has since fleshed out into a 4-piece with the addition of Jae Holdsworth and Eric Repke. Recalling early ‘90s bands like Slowdive, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, Eddyevvy plays music that thoughtfully blends the noisey with the melodic.

Isla Craig (8pm)
Isla Craig is a multi-dimensional vocalist and songwriter living and working in Toronto, ON. With pointed attention towards vocal delivery and melodic play, her music is underpinned by languid psyche blues rhythms and arrangements that tumble into trance states. In addition to her work as a solo artist, she is an active collaborator in the Toronto music scene, currently performing with Jennifer Castle, IC/JC/VC, and the Cosmic Range.

OBUXUM (9pm)
OBUXUM is a Toronto based Somali-Canadian producer and beat maker, whose lush and characteristic sound celebrates story telling. She has made her presence known with notable festival performances at Wavelength Festival, Kazoo! Fest, Electric Eclectics, and Venus Fest. NOW Magazine also recently included her in their list of Toronto electronic musicians to watch in 2018.

Dan Lee (of Phèdre) w/ MC Lil Gay (10pm)
Frequent collaborators Lee Paradise and Lil Gay (who both perform with Phèdre ) combine live hardware electronics with low bass-laden rhythmic vocals. Expect 140 bpm, continuous beats. Lil Gay raps.

Saturday September 29th @ Uptown Waterloo, ON
This event is free and open to the public. The outdoor venue will be physically accessible and open to people of all ages.