Why Phèdre Rules – By Megan Arnold

In the summer of 2013, I went to Call the Office in Deshkan Ziibiing (London, ON) to see a band I had found through a LiveJournal music share community when I was in high school. I don’t remember who they played with or who I went with (if anyone). I just remember looking at the stage and seeing April Aliermo and Daniel Lee and realizing I had probably never seen an indie band (Hooded Fang) that was half Asian before. And woah, was April… Filipinx?? 😮

Gushing to a friend about it some time afterwards, they asked me if I knew April and Daniel’s other project. “Their new album is probably the best thing I’ve ever heard,” they said. “And they’re playing at the APK on Halloween.”

The album in question was ‘Golden Age’ and I was immediately obsessed with it. I went to that show at the APK dressed as the Patron Saint of Pizza. I drunkenly yelled one of the only Filipino words I knew as I clapped furiously at the end of their set. “SALAMAT!!” I screamed. THANK YOU!!!!!! (If my ancestors are cringing, I hope they’re doing so compassionately).

I played ‘Golden Age’ on repeat for many months afterwards. It was my silkscreening marathon album at school and my “cool music that normies don’t know” pick for parties. I played it on my radio show at CHRW, along with every other thing Phèdre had released. In those years I was really into, like, post-punk and chamber pop and indie pop, and it was so, so white. I still love that shit, tbh. And I feel kind of uncomfortable making this whole thing about race now because, when you’re not white, that’s expected of you–and there’s a big part of me that dunks on myself for still thinking Asian representation in Canadian music is a big deal. Is it a big deal, or is it just really exciting, because the music slaps? Also, have I even mentioned how incredible Phèdre’s music is? I promise I’m not just a Phèdre fan for race allegiance!!

Anyways. Salamat, Phèdre, for making crazy good music. Salamat for bringing the party. Salamat for being really hot. I’ve looked up to you both since I was nineteen and I’m still totally geeking out 🙂 🙂 🙂


Megan Arnold lives in Guelph does lots of cool things – music, visual art, video, performance, storytelling, dance, and more – and is really good at mixing those things together in unique, funny, and wonderful ways. Megan Arnold is playing Kazoo! Fest 2022 on Saturday, July 16th with Phèdre, Moonbean and SLEDD at Onyx (12 Wyndham St N., 2nd Floor).

Phèdre plays Kazoo! Fest 2022 on Saturday, July 16th with Moonbean, SLEDD and Megan Arnold at Onyx (12 Wyndham St N., 2nd Floor).

Tickets are available here.


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