Cots is the project of Guelph artist Steph Yates. Steph has been making incredible music in Guelph for more than a decade, in Esther Grey, the Pheramones, Cupcake Ductape and many others, but her latest project, Cots, is surely the pinnacle of Steph’s musical output. At once airy, dreamy, poignant, emotional, and sonically daring, Cots is like nothing else, and we are eagerly anticipating Steph being joined by her all-star band to soothe and amaze all of those lucky enough to catch her set at Kazoo!’s opening night.

Catch Cots at Kazoo! Fest 2022 at Royal City Mission (50 Quebec St) on Thursday July 14th @ 6:30 PM with L Roe ft. Truth Is… and Shn Shn. This show will also feature live visuals by Fezz Stenton.

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