Kazoo! Fest 2020

All About Kazoo! Fest

Kazoo! Fest is our annual 4-day music and arts festival. The festival takes place April 16-19th, 2020 at venues all around downtown Guelph, Ontario. The shows range from ethereal and chilled-out coffee shop moments, to exuberant late-night warehouse dance parties. You will walk away with a new band-crush, absolutely.

All year round, we keep our ears to the ground in order to select the most exciting & unconventional emerging musicians and artists from Canada, the US, and wherever we can find them. To get involved as a sponsor, artist or volunteer, here’s how to go about it. Check back here for festival updates, or follow us on facebooktwitter or instagram.


A brief history of Kazoo!

Kazoo! was founded in June 2006 by a collective of Guelph based musicians, multi-disciplinary artists and community organizers. Kazoo! was created with the desire to provide a platform for innovative new music and to draw connections between diverse audiences and artists. Over the past 12 years, Kazoo! has hosted over 200 shows, presented well over 500 performers and hosted 9 annual festivals as part of our ongoing new-music series. Kazoo! Fest has increasingly become the focus of our year-round activities, showcasing the breadth of our programming in a 5 day celebration of independent music and art.

Since its inception, Kazoo! has always been about more than the music. Our festival lineup has included literary events, film screenings, multimedia performances, visual art, and so much more. Kazoo! is a community based project and we regularly work with other arts organizations, promoters, and groups to make amazing things happen. Over the years we’ve built a community one step at a time by creating a space for innovative live music and art.

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