Kazoo! Print Expo


The legendary Print Expo is back for another year filled with comics, zines, illustrations, letterpress, and so much more! This curated event brings together print makers of all kinds from all over the province. You’ll get to see what your favourite print makers have been working on — they’re sure to be there!

The Print Expo will take place at Mitchell Hall in St George’s Church (99 Woolwich St, Guelph) on Saturday, April 13th from 11am-4pm. Admission is free, but bring some $$ because you will for sure find something beautiful to take home.

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Kazoo! Print Expo 2019 Vendors

Stubbs Letter Press

Guelph, Canada based letterpress team. 100% of proceeds go to local charity. We print what we want. Deal with it.



CAROUSEL is an exquisitely produced hybrid literary/arts magazine representing new & established artists, with a focus on positioning Canadian talent within an international context. From cover to cover, this innovative & beautifully designed journal highlights a comfortable merging of textual & visual content, presenting work across many genres … if it’s original & engaging, we aim to see it in print. Every issue features a bold mix of poetry, fiction, comics, creative interviews and contemporary art.


Alisha Davidson

Alisha Davidson is an illustrator who primarily works in watercolour and gouache. Themes of her work include inclusivity, body positivity, and female empowerment, and is shaped heavily by her connection to the moonscape and the divine mother earth.Through her work she hopes to include womxn of all shapes, sizes and colours in order to encourage folx to love themselves for who they are.


Victoria Day

Victoria Day is a Toronto printmaker whose work examines the themes of gender, sexuality, and mental health through an autobiographical lens. She is inspired by the duality of the internal – the mind, identity, thought – and the external – the body, society, action. Her screenprints explore the fluctuating relationship between these elements through self-portraiture, bridging her interior landscape with her exterior form.


Moon Toboggan

Narratives manifest as drawings, prints, written stories, songs, and a variety of independent publications. I consider my works to be a conservation of imaginings; things found to be significant through making before the impending loss of forgetting. Illustrating fantastical worlds and populating them with the curiosities found in the parallels of waking life, I believe these scenes to be endless and eternally compelling. Using drawing/printmaking/writing I explore this perpetually bewildered disposition with pessimistic humor, in an illustrative pop surrealism.


Soph Andrews

Soph Andrews creates illustrations and stream of consciousness style writings based on real world environments and ADHD. Her signature style includes single linework images alongside scatterings of musings, creating chaotic yet purposeful art.


Alison Postma

Alison Postma is a Toronto artist working on a lot of different stuff. Her print and multiple work is usually fun and silly.


Crow and Moon Press

Built on the principals of “Action & Sincerity”, Crow And Moon Press create and publish mysterious handbound zines, super-cute handmade dolls & brooches, lo-fi cassettes, and unsettlingly beautiful giclée art prints. The dyad release small-batch runs for all of their work, covering a wide range of topics: women’s history, self identity, mental health, queer culture, magic reclamation, visual art, subversiveness, forbidden science, and the human condition. In their free time CAMP enjoys exploring Nature’s encroach on dilapidated structures, and gazing into the night sky/that cosmic Deep.



Carrot creates silk screened shirts and patches, posters, cards, and comics starring anthropomorthic characters, aka “guys”. Recurring themes in Carrot’s illustrations are friendship, blissfulness, surprise and the very special house that Carrot themself lives in.

Kimberly Edger

Kimberly is interested in illustration and comics for their narrative capabilities, and uses linocut and risograph to play with ideas in a physical, tangible manner. Currently Kimberly is interested in writing comics and printing them in risograph. The comics use fiction to talk about personal experiences with things such as sexual assault or chronic mental illness. After studying printmaking at the Ottawa School of Art, Kim moved to the yukon and learned a lot about plants, which feature heavily in their work.


Samia Alami

I like to use subjects related to internet and gaming culture, as well as the consumerism it creates to show some narratives, related especially to the alteration of realities, what it means and how it changes as well our behaviors towards a world that exists but that can be constantly recreated.


Abigail Kashul is an artist based in Ottawa, Ontario who creates art, music and zines under the moniker waterbabies. Waterbabies uses overlaying fuzzy vocals, twangy mandolin sounds and drum machines to create somber and dreamy music and zines! Inspired by feminism, zine culture and female music icons, her work consists of alluring arrangements that morph from one melody to the next. While attending NSCAD University is where Abigail first started making zines. Zines provided an artistic platform to connect with fellow artists and exchange art with artists as well. Since then, she has been involved in multiple workshops and ran several zine events, including the Ottawa Zine Off. Collage is a large part of her work along with pen and ink and using traditional methods to create zines. Most recently she has been exploring new techniques and materials such as; digital illustrations, linocut printmaking, coloured inks and felting in her work.

Glittering Magpiee

Glittering Magpiee is the baby-sized distro of Sonali Menezes. She’s a zinester, printmaker and button maker currently based out of Hamilton, ON. Her work spans a variety of topics from poetry, feminism and mental health, to the occasional long list.


Jackie Lee

Jackie Lee makes art about space travel and publishes a free arts newspaper called Occasional Dispatch!


Sophie Berg

Sophie Berg is a freelance illustrator from Toronto. Her work often examines female identity through celebration of individuality, and creative expression. This theme strongly influenced her desire to create “Golden Oldies”, a zine series celebrating the lives of elderly women, an often overlooked population. Each issue is a conversation between Sophie and a “golden oldie”, with topics ranging from sex, and friendship, to finding one’s life purpose.


The Turtle Library

Christopher Green, also known as “mumblethief,” is a cartoonist, illustrator, and fictional character who comes from the Alaskan wilderness. His work is set in the imaginary reality of The Turtle Library — a world in which a group of adventurous young librarians live aboard a gigantic turtle with a library in her belly. In addition to the all-ages graphic novel currently being serialized at www.theturtlelibrary.com, many other artifacts have been created with the intent of bringing this fictional world closer to ours. These include children’s books, games, animated shorts, magazines, and even a real library card!


Jessica Hrycyk

As an illustrator and artist, my work involves folklore, flora and fauna with a dark intricacy, reminiscent of old world beauty. My process consists of pen, ink and watercolour on archival paper. I then convert my work into screen-prints, risograph and digital prints, as well as enamel pins, patches, clothing and vinyl stickers.


Chelsea Watt

I’m an illustrator, printer, and zine maker currently living in Toronto. My personal work typically touches on fear, anxiety, humour, and publicly expressed diary-like musings in an attempt to connect with others. I’m most comfortable with a pencil and a scanner. I’m slowly getting more comfortable with screen printing.


Heidi Berton

I’m a freelance illustrator and printmaker living and working in Toronto’s west end. I love comics, goofy characters, and bright colours and try to include an element of humour into most of my work. Most of my work employs classic screen printing techniques due to my background in printmaking. I tend to emphasize elements of grittiness and messiness while combined with clean, simple shapes and bold, limited colour palettes. My work focuses on characters and a vague sense of sequential storytelling, embracing panels and repetition to create a narrative. I make comics, zines, prints, tote bags, patches, washi tape, greeting cards and pins. When I am not drawing, you can probably find me watching old reruns of The Bachelor and spilling coffee on myself.


Rachel Zaverella

Rachel illustrates collections of zines, prints, stickers and pins inspired by the conflict between solitary life outside Toronto and the vigorous energy of city life.


Gillian Elder

Much of my artwork focuses on scenes from life events and experiences. Whether I am doing zany dogs, cubist faces, pet portraits, nudes, whimsical creatures, myself, or more, the dominant feature in my work is that they are emotive. My education includes a Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Recreation from Georgian College. A Graduate Certificate in Museum Management and Curatorship from Fleming College and two degrees in Fine Arts. The first was earned from Georgian College and the second from the University of Guelph, where I specialized in extended practices, painting and printmaking.


Carrying Root Collective

The Carrying Root Collective is the collaborative project of Allison Henry and Kelly Zantingh based out of Montréal and Toronto. They make print-based projects, such as books, zines, screen printed shirts and patches, and photo prints. Their work centers on the themes of ecology and the human impact on landscape, often referencing their shared experience of tree planting and forest firefighting in Canada’s wilderness, as well as their passion for foraging in the woods.


Christine te Bogt

Christine te Bogt is a Toronto based artist and printmaker who creates screen printed products including limited edition prints, stationary and textiles.


Jordann Murray

I am a self-taught illustrator and painter, with a keen eye on portraits. Throughout my work, my main focus is on natural shapes, movements and expressions of the body and face. My inspiration is sparked when trying to grasp and capture contours, facial features and organic lines. In keeping with this; I focus not only on the lines that I see but also on negative spaces, highlighting both the shapes that meet the eye and the ones that are lurking behind the corner. In this way I want my work to be interactive, by leaving the blankness of the paper I am inviting my audience to fill in that space with their own imagination. Though my artistic philosophy is to never limit yourself by clinging to one particular style or medium, a constant in my visual work is my use of pastels and a quirky-psychedelic-like presentation of humans.


Hugh Mater

Hugh Mater is an artist and illustrator who uses text and image to create humorous vignettes that touch on both the personal and political.


Call Out Comics

“Call-Outs: Are they good or bad? Is it bad to be good? Is it good to be bad?” That’s the tagline of Call Out Comics, a *free*, black and white newspaper featuring fierce illustrated work that challenges people, ideas, pet-peeves and/or attempts to hold someone/something accountable for their words/actions. The 2,000 copy print-run is distributed across North America. Issue 1-3 have featured 50+ artists, issue 4 will debut at Kazoo Fest.

Megan Arnold

Autobiographical comics, the story of a depressed dog, unabashed sentimentality, humour and pathos making out, silkscreened prints on paper and fabric and food. Every piece is a little Megan Arnold horcrux that you can take home with you and hold close so that she may live forever.


Read More Comix!

Read More Comix! is a Toronto based comic making collective that consists of James Spencer, David Craig and Robb Mirsky. Tales of vacationing wizards, colonizing aliens, foul mouthed cigarettes, lemon gangs, sewer mutants, and anthropomorphic bricks, bottles and teeth are sure to delight and disgust!


Joy San

I am a Filipina-Canadian illustrator and cartoonist based in Toronto. When not drawing or writing I enjoy vlogging, hiking, and hunting for bakeries. My work has been published by The New Yorker, Shortbox, and Pearson Canada.


Feels Zine.

What do you feel? How do you express it? Oftentimes, we feel things we cannot articulate. We do not wish to – nor could we – define or explain your emotions. We want to feel with you. So we created Feels, a zine that seeks to delve into the earnest and raw expression of emotions. Through a variety of mediums, we want to bridge the gap between those felt and those expressed. From those you can’t describe to those you never knew you had. It is our hope to be the conduit between all of your Feels and all of ours. We are a feminist, sex-positive, LGBTQ+ friendly, anti-racist, anti-colonial publication that bridges the gap between art zine and mental health publication.



Rotten Variety is a multiple-disciplinary visual artist currently residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Primary mediums worked with are Collage and Illustration. Zines published include collages and drawings, along with many collaborations with other artists! On our table you will find many zines, prints, buttons and some cassettes!


Sause Collective

Sauce Collective is the start of a shared goal to create a deeper and more open community of artists in Guelph, regardless of medium or skill level. Sauce is currently the joint work of Jade Perry and Jordan Delfs. Jade is a non-binary multidisciplinary artist from Guelph, ON. Their work is derived from all the different aspects of their daily life – from physical and mental health, politics and fluidity, to basketball, hip-hop and video games. Jordan is from Wiarton, ON and has been drawing in the margins for as long as she can remember. Her work mirrors her personal love for found objects, floral patterns and finding ways to take things slow. Her true love is textile work, but block printing is a very close second. Jade and Jordan make art as a way to both heal from and relate to the world around them.

Vocamus Writers Community

Vocamus Writers Community is an incorporated non-profit organization that promotes reading, writing, and publishing in and around the city of Guelph, Ontario.


Fezz Stenton

Fezz Stenton is a 3D designer using tools like Cinema 4D and Touch Designer, these digitally created works come from his series of every day renders that showcase visual explorations of light and material.


The Castle Rose

Purveyor of art prints, enamel pins, apparel, and other goodies for your home + bod. Designed with heart by Guelph-based graphic designer + illustrator Irene Castellano.


Gillian Wilson

Gillian is a freelance illustrator and screen printer living in Guelph, Ontario Canada.  She received a BFA from Concordia University (Montreal) in 2006 and since then has developed her own line of hand-printed goods, available in select stores throughout North America. 


Gregory Pepper

Gregory Pepper is possessed by a depraved vision of 1990’s nostalgia.
He crafts inside jokes for the forsaken and good ideas for bad tattoos.
“The pleasure is all on this side of the table”


PS Guelph

This year Publication Studio members from around the world are bringing their books to Guelph! Come see titles from Rotterdam, Glasgow, São Paulo, Vancouver, and more!  Publication Studio

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