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FOSTER-webFoster is a project spearheaded by Thomas Hammerton (Cuff the Duke, Minotaurs, Odd Years), Daniel Ross (Tin Tongues) and Dustin Seabrook (Minotaurs, Odd Years, Tin Tongues). The aim of their project is to use live and prerecorded audio and visuals in a performance that will attempt to represent decay in small town Ontario, both in people and in infrastructure. Foster will be accompanied by musicians, AJ Johnson (Cuff the Duke, Minotaurs, Odd Years) Nathan Lawr (Minotaurs), Matt Monoogian (Lowlands, Odd Years) and Steve Ward (Minotaurs, Pick A Piper, Friendly Rich and The Lollipop People).

Look HearThe project was commissioned as part of the Look Hear micro-grant put forward by Kazoo! and Ed Video Media Arts Centre. The purpose of the micro-grant is to encourage local Guelph based artists to explore the creative possibilities of merging sound and vision to create an innovative and unique new performance.