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Short&Sweet: Guelph Edition 2017

Leanne Dyer - Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli

Leanne Dyer – Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli

We’re excited to host another installment of Short&Sweet: Guelph Edition 2017 as part of Kazoo! Fest 2017! This celebrated dance event, invented by Wants&Needs Danse (Montréal), invites artists to have carte blanche to create whatever they want… as long as it is under 3 minutes. A timekeeper is present for the event and artists going over the allotted time frame will be immediately cut off!

Short&Sweet encourages artists to question exactly what can be accomplished within the time constraint. In a relaxed bar setting, Short&Sweet keeps the atmosphere light and gives the public a chance to see dance outside of the traditional theatre context. Audiences have embraced the format of Short&Sweet, appreciating the way the event offers an entertaining and unintimidating way for the public to sample a variety of contemporary dance work.

Short&Sweet: Guelph Edition is curated by Katie Ewald and co-presented with Wants&Needs Danse (Montréal) and Guelph Dance.

Saturday April 8th, 2017
@ Palmer Hall – St. George’s Church (99 Woolwich St, Guelph, ON)

Not Fully Accessible / Assistance Offered
Accessibility assistance via a committee of volunteers who will help with mobility (lift, support) down/up three steps upon request. An accessible washroom is available in the building, though mobility assistance will be necessary from the performance site.