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Kazoo! Print Expo

The Kazoo! Print Expo returns with more letterpress, printmaking, comics, zines, posters, books, art prints, postcards, illustrations, newsletters, t-shirts by incredible artists from around the province.

The Kazoo! Print Expo will be held at Mitchell Hall in St George’s Church (99 Woolwich St, Guelph) on Saturday, April 8th from 11am-4pm.

PHYSICALLY ACCESSIBLE SPACE (printexpo@kazookazoo.ca for details!)
SCENT & NUT FREE (please leave these at home!)

Thanks to our incredible sponsors & partners:
Wyndham Art Supplies
City of Guelph

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Kazoo! Print Expo 2017 Exhibitors


Friend of Vocamus Press

Friends of Vocamus Press promotes Guelph book culture. Our table will feature books, chapbooks, poetry cards, and broadsheets from various Guelph authors and publishers.

Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe

Alicia Nauta is a Toronto based artist. Her work includes collage, screenprinting, installation, wallpaper, posters, books and zines. Images collected from earlier publications, such as home decor guides from the 60’s and 70’s, botanical guides and encyclopedias, and pre-computer graphic design manuals, form the basis of the work. The images are then manipulated, photocopied, cut, pasted and finally screen printed. Her compositions reflect on the dualities and exchanges present in human and natural life: with light, there is darkness; with progress, there is decline. Environmental degradation, the crumbling of civilization, abstracted and psychedelic reality, domestic space, and human belonging are key themes that are explored.

Questionably Happy Tees

I’m a small scale manual textile screen printer (no machines!) from Guelph. I have always loved print as an art form but in the last few years have discovered my true love is silk screen printing. I use water-based inks to print (mostly) on t-shirts. I do everything from scratch: from building the frame and stretching the mesh, to hand placing the screen and pulling the ink; it’s all done manually. This means there is some slight variance from piece to piece but I feel that is what makes my pieces special; no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

amber williams-king

I am a multi-disciplinary Antiguan artist, living and practicing in Toronto. I work in a variety of mediums including photography, collage, printmaking and animation and see mixed media as a way of acknowledging the multiplicity and fluidity of being. This self-taught practice seeks to challenge notions of a monolithic Black experience; exploring sexuality, gender, race, representation and the intersections of identity. Much of my work starts from a deeply intimate place and from my experiences as a Black queer femme living with mental illness in a world that says I should not exist. I exist through my artistic envisioning.

Chris Foster

Chris Foster is a multidisciplinary visual artist, designer and carpenter based in Toronto. His artwork investigates issues around material culture, the built environment and spaces in transition. His work often employs a dark sense of humour to challenge popular notions of progress in contemporary culture. His creative process is motivated by production-based projects, multiples and editions.

Christine te Bogt

Christine is a Toronto based printmaker who specializes in screen printed goods, predominantly limited edition art prints, small publications / book arts, stationary items and textiles. A graduate of OCAD University’s Printmaking department Christine is now working free-lance and at an independent screen printing studio in Kensington market.


CAROUSEL is an exquisitely produced hybrid literary/arts magazine representing new & established artists. This beautifully designed magazine is full of street-level delights, including the 4PANEL Strip Supplement, which appears in each issue.

mumblethief moon comics

christopher green / mumblethief is from Alaska, but spends a lot of time in Toronto. He makes comics for fans of exploration, formalism, spiritual seeking, and Dr. Seuss. Some are made to be read to a child, others to be read alone in the woods. All want to make you think things you’ve never thought before. He carries a magnifying glass in his pocket, and tries really hard to keep things unfamiliar.

Ella Selbie

My work is inspired by organic shapes and colour. The process of collage and paper cuts play a strong role in influencing my imagery. The screen printing method allows me to remain experimental in creating my work.

Ellie Anglin

Ellie Anglin is a Waterloo-based collage artist, illustrator and zine maker!

Look Mum! Zine Distro


Look Mum! is a zine distro based in Guelph supplying you with sex positive zines, queer art zines, sex work zines, DIY zines and feminist art & pins.


CreatureGarrett is a music making, illustrating, art enthusiast who creates prints from silkscreens, linocuts, and drawings at their home in Guelph. Garrett explores themes such as intent, energy, light, darkness, and connection; ideas and symbolism Garrett strongly associates with witchcraft and magic. Garrett aims to foster a fascination with nature and ecology while including expressions of body positivity, gender, and sexuality.

Gillian Wilson

Gillian Wilson is a Guelph-based illustrator and screen printer with an affinity for kitties and scary feelings. She will be returning to this year’s Kazoo! Print Expo with lots of hand printed cards, patches, totes & more.

Gregory Pepper

Imagine a hotdog made from processed scraps of comic books, tattoo flash, and 1990’s pop culture, framed on a misanthropic bun and garnished with irony. That’s the sort of irreverent, junk food art being served by Gregory Pepper. Screenprinted paper and accessories, and Saturday afternoon brews. Please note: He reserves the right to deny service to any adult men sporting open-toed footwear.


“printed ephemera made with linocuts, vintage wood & metal type
letterpress printed by hand in Guelph
marbled paper including some vintage sheet music (1894-1903)”

Heidi Cho Makes Art

“Heidi Cho is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto. She self publishes comics and zines about being a queer Korean navigating family and mental health. Her work has appeared in C Magazine, Shameless Magazine and Peak Magazine. She has interned with FAG Feminist Art Gallery, as well as Red Dress Productions. She is currently working on a graphic novel about intergenerational trauma and healing.

Jackie Lee Art

Jackie Lee makes screen printed posters and zines about SPACE TRAVEL (and other fun stuff) !!!!

Jay Stephens

Guelph cartoonist Jay Stephens has been creating comics and animation for over 25 years, and is probably best known for his Emmy-Award winning cartoon series, TUTENSTEIN and THE SECRET SATURDAYS, as well as his work for OWL and chickaDEE Magazines. Jay continues to conjure up independent comic works and illustrations, as well as designing t-shirts, band posters, stickers, and all kinds of wonderful crap.

jackson creek press

Jeffrey is an Peterborough, Ontario based artist, working primarily with relief printing (letterpress) and mixed media. He often employs words as visual triggers, as well as present-day/historical pop-culture icons and figures in both his print work and his mixed media pieces.

Akin Projects

Akin Projects is an arts programming organization and registered nonprofit established for the purpose of providing both creative and professional development opportunities to members of Toronto’s artistic and cultural community. The Akin Collective studios have over 180 members in four locations throughout Toronto. Akin is excited to present works in print by our diverse range of studio members including zines, books, prints, stickers and more!

Shark Bite Ink

“Shark Bite Ink is a collection of hand printed items including shirts, totes and prints by Jessica Desparois. Jessica is based in London ON and turns her doodles of animals and plants into works primarily in relief and screen printing.


JG is a Montréal based, visual artist, writer and printmaker whose process has been formed through the time lapse of self-directed and non-institutionalized practice. Their working approach began in 2011, in the natural light of a basic sun-room printmaking studio in Guelph, ON. and has since been actively leaning into the forms of small press book art and experimental design for ephemeral things made out of paper.

Jonathan Rotsztain

Jonathan Rotsztain is a writer, cartoonist and graphic designer based in Toronto, and one half of graphic design duo www.ALLCAPSdesign.com. He posts a daily Dreary Diary to Instagram (@jrotszta) and to www.drearydiary.com.

Jordynn Mackenzie

Jordynn Mackenzie is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Toronto. She screen prints funny greeting cards and posters that feature butt jokes and way too many cats, sometimes at the same time.

False Knees

False Knees is a webcomic hand-drawn by Joshua Barkman. His colourful strips are inspired by nature, animals, and the absurdities of daily life.

Julia Dickens

Illustrations, prints, show posters, zines and other multiples by Toronto-based visual artist, Julia Dickens.

Invited Ghosts

Invited Ghosts is a blog and distro. We work to unearth hidden treasures from the dark corners of archives while also sharing new loves for the library.

Loretta Miauw

I am a self-taught illustrator and comic artist addressing themes of cultural loss, grief, healing through art and migration. I use screen printing, ink painting and graphite pencil drawing in my work.

Pomegranate Letterpress + Design

We create cool prints, classy cards and nifty gifts using our state-of-the-last-century letterpress printing presses, wood and metal type and original lion-carving illustrations.

Moon Toboggan

“Unreachable worlds inhabit my imagination with fantastical landscapes, alien cats, and a forever expanding catalogue of the biologically bizarre.”Michael McGlennon is an interdisciplinary artist who practices drawing, printmaking, and songwriting/recording. Through these mediums he creates narratives in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. His scenes and stories sift through fears and beliefs to yield perplexed manifestations of existential bewilderment. His work is primarily shown in Toronto, Ontario, but has also been exhibited in Montreal, Quebec and St. Petersburg, Russia.


Versa is an audio/visual collaboration between musician Alex Ricci and visual artist Monika Hauck, typically known for their instrumental music performance and colourful responsive projections. Throughout their performance, marbled prints are made that illustrate the swirling vibrations created by the music. These prints are one of a kind ‘stills’ of sound and provide Hauck with ample material to create intricate collages and compositions reflecting a unique set of frequencies that determine specific organic patterns. Some people see planets, some see microscopic forms while others consider their Rorschach potential.

The art of Patrick Sparrow

The artwork of Patrick Sparrow is weirdo caffeine fueled nonsense, but in a fun way! Inspired by monsters and wrestlers and psychedelic madness.. and maybe some boobs and butts in the mix to.

Read More Comix

Read More Comix is a Toronto comic collective publishing new print comic works semi-annually. Tales of wizards, colonizing aliens, foul mouthed cigarettes, sewer mutants and an anthropomorphic brick are just some of the things that litter the pages of the publications. We are currently working on issue three to be released for The Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May.

The Paper Forest

The Paper Forest is a lino-cut print series that is animal and nature inspired. Simple shapes and silhouettes, black ink, and pops of colour create a whimsical, childhood feel to the illustrations.

All Sorts Press

Sara Froese owns and operates a letterpress print shop called All Sorts Press out of industrial Hamilton, ON, where she specializes in producing hand-crafted printed matter using an antique human-powered printing press. She makes cards, notebooks, calendars, prints and posters, often using hand-carved lino blocks to create imagery and patterns.

Savannah Snook

Savannah is a Toronto based artist and writer who uses magical realism to talk about the real magic of the everyday that can be found in werewolves, outer space, commuter trains, and leg rashes.

Stephanie Cheng

Stephanie is a Toronto-based designer, illustrator and screen printer. Much of her personal work is inspired by vintage travel posters and popular culture. All of her paper goods are personally hand pulled screen prints made in Toronto.

Stubbs Letterpress

Stubbs Letterpress is a family run letterpress operation from Guelph, Canada. They print posters, cards and chapbooks. They donate 100% of all proceeds to local charities because they feel like it.

Trevor Waurechen

Trevor Waurechen is a cartoonist, printmaker and painter. His autobiographical comic, It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time, has been in print and online since 2010. His minicomics include Open Bar, a night in the life of a bartender, and Red Eye, a story of paranoia on an all-night bus trip. As a printmaker, Trevor works in relief print, producing limited editions including reduction prints, as well as open edition prints. Many of his prints have been published as editorial illustrations, and among the work available for sale at Kazoo! Print Expo will be Trevor’s hand-printed gift wrap, in 18×24 inch sheets.

Victoria Day

Victoria Day’s printmaking practice is inspired by studies into gender and sexuality, social perception, identity, mythology and the hybrid. She graduated from the University of Guelph and is currently a member of Open Studio in Toronto.

PS Guelph

PS Guelph prints and binds books on demand, creating original work with artists and writers we admire. It serves as a space for publication in its fullest sense: we don’t simply produce books, but also bring people together through the shared experience of reading. We attend to the social life of a book using any means possible to expand its circle of readers: physical books; a digital commons (where anyone can read and annotate our books for free); eBooks; and wild social events; breathing life into the written word on paper, online and through discussion.


CFRU is a volunteer-driven campus and community radio station based on the University of Guelph campus. Since 1980, CFRU has provided an alternative to mainstream and commercial radio. We engage, inform and entertain our listeners, we empower and teach our volunteers (no previous experience required – all training is freely provided), and we reflect the diversity of our communities. Over 70 shows a week are broadcast over the FM dial (north to Fergus, east to Rockwood, west to Kitchener-Waterloo and west to the 401) and through our website.

Hugh Mater

Toronto based printmaker/painter

Nathan Campagnaro