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Print Expo 2016

Kazoo! Print Expo 2016

Wow! Thanks to everyone who supported the 2016 Kazoo! Print Expo, we had a blast. We’ll be back for another installment in April 2017, until then, here’s what the 2016 Kazoo! Print Expo was all about…

The Kazoo! Print Expo is a celebration of Print Media from Guelph and the surrounding area. Talented illustrators, printmakers, book binders, zinesters and comic creators will have their work on display and for sale. Traditional and contemporary print methods will be represented, as well as those artists that blend both in new ways. This is absolutely the annual event to pick up a radical diy zine, art prints for your apartment wall, or a hand-crafted card for your mom.

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2016 Tables:

Akin Collective
The Akin Collective is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary arts collective with over 140 members. We share studio space and create diverse arts programming in our community. Many of our members create zines, prints, comics and self-published books and we are excited to share these at this years’ Kazoo Print Expo!

Jonathan Rotsztain is a Toronto graphic designer, cartoonist and dreamer. His comics deal in personal narratives and surreal tales. In his autobiographical pieces, he explores identity, memory and representation around self-esteem, class and sexuality. Jonathan has produced a one page journal comic – DrearyDiary.com – daily since 2013.

All Sorts Press
Sara specializes in producing handcrafted high-quality printed matter including custom posters, invites, and business cards as well as a line of greeting cards and notebooks using a human-powered Chandler & Price platen printing press from 1910.

Becky Katz
I am a practicing artist, primarily a printmaker, and am half of a multi-media collective called Fwee Twade, and 1/16 of Casino Artspace Collective, as well as a member of the Aluminum Quilting Society. As an artist I have a multi-disciplinary focus on poster art, illustration, printmaking (mostly screen-printing, etching, and relief), and wood carving. There is usually a sense of humour thread throughout my poster work, often using literality to convey key information. My other work tends to focus on portraiture, especially in my wood carving. I have taken a few of my favourite wood carvings of artists and writers and turned them into screen prints and t-shirts.

CAROUSEL is an exquisitely produced hybrid literary/arts magazine representing new & established artists. This beautifully designed magazine is full of street-level delights, including the 4PANEL Strip Supplement, which appears in each issue.

Chris Foster
Chris Foster is a multidisciplinary visual artist, designer and carpenter based in Toronto. He makes artist books, illustrations, prints, objects and other things.

Christine Tebogt
Christine is a Toronto based artist and printmaker with a focus on creating screen printed goods and hand bound books. A graduate of OCAD University’s Printmaking department Christine is now working free-lance and at an independent screen printing studio in Kensington market.

Ellie Anglin
Ellie Anglin is a collage artist, zine maker and sculptor, specializing in cats, food and feminism.

Friends of Vocamus Press
Friends of Vocamus Press promotes Guelph book culture. Our table will feature books, chapbooks, poetry cards, and broadsheets from various Guelph authors and publishers.

Friendship Edition
Jenn Woodall is an illustrator and cartoonist from Toronto, Ontario. Her work focues on feminism, gender and the representation of women. She is part of the Friendship Edition Collective, a group of Toronto-based artists.

Gillian Elder
Elements of fantasy and emotion have always dominated my artwork. Much of my artwork focuses on scenes from life events and experiences. I completed an Advanced Fine Arts Degree from Georgian College and a BA in Studio Art from the University of Guelph where I specialized in Extended Practices, Painting and Printing. I enjoy working with a mixture of mediums including, painting, silkscreen, drawing and ceramics.

Homemade Beef Studio
Nathan draws cartoons. He’s dabbled in other mediums like sculpture, photography, film, collage, plush figures (and so on) but cartoons are his forte and they tend to sneak their way into mostly everything he touches. His subject matter tends to teeter between creepy and cute, always managing to keep itself unnervingly balanced. Nathan had his first illustration job when he was 6 and has worked subliminally as an artist in Guelph for most of his life but especially over the last 10 years. Additionally, Nathan plays drums and bass in various bands and has an unquenchable love of potty humour. Rachel has a DIY screen printing setup in the basement. She makes shirts, patches, prints, and pillowcases. She graduated from the Studio Arts program at the University Of Guelph in 2014 and currently resides in Guelph.

Hybrid Press
Patrick Carson Sparrow is a cartoonist and illustrator specializing in weird-o art geared towards creeps and freaks with things like psychedelic prints and far out comics and zines with a tinge of comedy and horror.

Jackie Lee Art
Travel the solar system with the Inter-Planet Transit Commission!! Prints from the FUTURE!!!

Jetpacks and Rollerskates
Blake Stevenson is the guy behind Jetpacks and Rollerskates. A pop culture addicted Designer/Illustrator from southern Ontario, Canada. I take on each project armed with healthy balance of sugary cereals and saturday morning cartoons. Studies in the art of silkscreen and print making.

Jordynn M. Lucier
Jordynn Mackenzie has a BFA from Ryerson University and a background in Graphic Design. She makes funny (at least she thinks they’re funny!) greeting cards and prints from her silly drawings and doodles. Jordynn screen prints everything by hand using water-based inks, one colour at a time in Toronto, Canada.

Justin Gordon
Justin Gordon (JG) is a self-taught, gender-queer visual artist and writer based in Montreal, Quebec. Their work often takes the form of small press art books and narrative comics, painting installation and editions of silkscreen posters and t-shirts. They helped to establish Raft & Map (Guelph) in 2013 with Gordon Auld, and currently work at a print atelier established in an abandoned church on St. Denis (Lost Cause, titled after St. Jude) in Montreal. They are an enthusiast of avant-garde performance art, coffee, home recordings and the DIY process, the subculture of art punk, floral patterns and cassette tapes.

“look mum!’ zine distro
I distro my own zines as well as other folk’s stuff on themes of DIY, sex positivity, art zines, perzines, zines about sex work, queer erotica, I also have hand printed cat themed back patches and other handprinted silkscreen patches.

Louise Reimer
Louise Reimer is an illustrator and artist based in Toronto. She makes prints, books, and other ephemera featuring her watercolour worlds of wandering cowgirls and psychedelic flora.

Plier Pants
Plier Pants is an ongoing comics collaboration between writer Cory McCallum and illustrator Matthew Daley. They have self published the books “The Pig Sleep” (2012) and “Errol Dynamic” (2014). The duo also co-curated the Canadian comics anthology “Chilly Tales” in 2014. At Kazoo, they will be premiering “Bonus Tracks”, a collection of music related strips created for Toronto’s Luminato festival.

Questionably Happy
Questionably Happy Tees is a Guelph based screen printing company. I have been printing for 3 years now, and doing it as a semi-full-time thing for almost a year. I screen print fabrics using different techniques. I do everything from scratch including building the frame from wood and hand stretching the mesh. And everything I produce has been screen printed manually, which means no print press was involved. Most of the designs being sold at the show are QHT originals. I also do small to medium size print orders.

Rebecca Roher
Rebecca Roher’s illustration and comics capture the magic in the everyday. Her bright and whimsical illustrations celebrate the natural world with playfulness and humour. Her comics have been published on theNib.com, Seven Days Alt Weekly and GUTS Canadian Feminist Magazine. Her comic, Bird in a Cage, about her grandmother’s decline into dementia, won the Best English Comic at Expozine in 2014 and is soon to be published in a full-length graphic novel by Conundrum Press. Mom Body, her comic about the transformation involved in pregnancy, was nominated for an Ignatz Award and has been featured on the New York Times Now, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, the Daily Mail and Yahoo Parenting.

Read More Comix
Read More Comix is a collective of pals who love making comics. With a deep love for the alternative comics scene, these three are trying to make something in that vein. Currently, they are working on their first floppy book to be debuted at Guelph’s Kazoofest and post comics regularity at readmorecomix.tumblr.com

Unique handmarbled papers made in Guelph including vintage sheet music (1894-1903) and some with letterpress. Papers can be framed, used as cards, gift wrap, tags and in collages.

Savannah Snook
A recent grad of the University of Guelph and now a practicing conceptual painter and writer in Toronto, Snook’s work is concerned with navigating the limbo between visual and linguistic poetics. She takes impressions of the world around her, painting or stamping them into a physical existence, because you should always carry poetry with you, in your heart and in your pocket. With elements of magical realism to talk about the real magic of the everyday that can be found in werewolves, outer space, commuter trains, and leg rashes, she uses words to paint scenes, and colours to write poetry, and revels in the wonderful space in between.

Square Comix
Ian M is a Torontonian who has been living in Japan since 2003. His zine/comic, Square, is both self-published and published by Big Ugly Robot, an indie publisher in Nagoya. It is a mixture of fiction, autobiography, and comic essays about culture. This will likely be his last visit to Ontario, as his parents are retiring to British Columbia.

Stephanie Cheng
Stephanie is a Toronto-based designer, illustrator and screen printer. Much of her personal work is inspired by vintage travel posters and popular culture.

The Urban Geographer
I’m an artist, writer and cartographer. My work explores how the places we live effect who we are. I recently moved to Guelph and am excited to table at Kazoo and debut some maps and prints inspired by here!

Versa Visuals
Versa is an audio/visual collaboration between process-based artist Monika Hauck and musician Alex Ricci. Sonically influenced by contemporary soundscape, instrumental post-rock and 60’s psychedelic, the project combines heavily effected bass guitar compositions with projected visuals created live throughout the performance. Music is rendered visible by harnessing its physical and cymatic properties, resulting in an immersive synesthetic experience. Between each piece of composed music, monoprints are pulled from the top of the liquid bath. These seismograph-esque artifacts are available to the audience as a unique “record” of the performance.