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Past Line-ups

Here’s a list of the music performers at our festival over the past few years:

Kazoo! Fest 2017:
Constantines • Jessy Lanza • Weaves • U.S. Girls • Xylouris White • Han Han w/ HATAW • Leanne Betasamosake Simpson • Un Blonde • The Magic • Richard Laviolette • Bernice • Gregory Pepper and His Problems • Ice Cream • John Southworth • Saltland • Badminton Racquet • Century Egg • Baby Labour • Casper Skulls • Jon Mckiel • YlangYlang • Klarka Weinwurm • Roarke Menzies • LA Timpa • Fountain • OBUXUM • Eyeballs • Dan Edmonds • Persons • Cold On Pluto • Xuan Ye • Ziibiwan • LAPS • BUDI • Softside • Luyos MC • Ten Boy Summer • DJ Smoke Weed Guy • Snake Church • Cedric Noel • Emily Mikhaela & Ian Bain • Ghost Snake • JoJo Worthington • Hexzuul • Brigitte Bardon’t

Kazoo! Fest 2016
Kazoo! Fest 2016:

Chad Vangaalen • Yonatan Gat • Bonjay • Cris Derksen • Julie Doiron • Kid Millions & Jim Sauter Duo • Sandro Perri • Nap Eyes • Gambletron • Noah23 • Partner • FIVER • MINOTAURS • Not the Wind, Not the Flag • Emay • Protruders (formerly Kappa Chow) • Elaquent • ANAMAI • Mauno • You’ll Never Get to Heaven • ZONES • Tenderness • Matt Monoogian • Bart • Keita Juma • Cupcake Ductape • Beat Cops • VIDA • New Chance • Merganzer • Haolin Munk • LUKA • Dories • Kurt Marble • Jacuzzi Perth • West Nile • Natural Thirst • Surfing on Acid • MadadaM • Cold On Pluto • Nicolette & The Nobodies • Bonnie Trash • Germaine Liu • Prison Break

Kazoo! Fest 2015
Kazoo! Fest 2015:

Deerhoof • Homeshake • Last Ex • Phèdre • Absolutely Free • Lido Pimienta • Jeffrey Lewis & the Jrams • No Joy • Fet.Nat • Scott Merritt • Tyvek • Black Spirituals • Fist City • Spencer Burton • The Famines • Jon Mckiel • Tough Age • Crosss • DOOMSQUAD • The Lonely Parade • New Fries • Bernice • Darlene Shrugg • Badminton Racquet • Nick Ferrio • L CON • Skweeezy C • Alanna Gurr & The Greatest State • Ramsay Almighty • Casey Mecija • Family Video. • Her Harbour • Baby Labour • Slow Hand Motëm • Tyson & the Trepids • Blimp Rock • Joyfultalk • STÜKA • Battlewülf • Familiar Fiends • Love Thy Will Be Done • New Zebra Kid • Snake Church • Bass Lions• The Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band • BSHC • Blunt Chunks • Bad Chapter • Masques

Kazoo! Fest 2014
Kazoo! Fest 2014:

Destroyer, Hooded Fang, DIANA, Cousins, Bry Webb, Vag Halen, Nihilist Spasm Band, Legato Vipers, Solids, Michael Feuerstack, Noah23, Biblical, Jef Barbara, Petra Glynt, The Furys, Soupcans, Postcommodity, Bleet, Isla Craig, WTCHS, EONS, Kelly McMichael & The Gloss, JESSY BELL SMITH, The Medicine Hat, Vic NS, Bird City, WHOOP-Szo, Adverteyes, Start Something, Watershed Hour, Manatee, Shopkeeper, Eden Grossman

Kazoo! Fest 2013

Kazoo! Fest 2013:
Absolutely Free, Army Girls, BA Johnston, Baby Eagle, Ben Grossman, The Bicycles, Bill Killionaire, Digits, Doldrums, Dusted, Dutch Toko, Esther Grey, Gregory Pepper, The Highest Order, Jennifer Castle, Legato Vipers, Leif Vollebekk, Live Action Fezz, Marker Starling, Matt Miller, Milk & Honey, Neil Haverty, Not The Wind, Not The Flag, Odonis Odonis, Reborn Endless, Rituals, Scattered Clouds, Sean Nicholas Savage, Shotgun Jimmie, The Skeletones Four, The While.

Kazoo! Fest 2012

Kazoo! Fest 2012:
Abstract Random, Alan Gregor, Alanna Gurr, Baseball Furies, Bry Webb & The Providers, Cadence Weapon, Culture Reject, Del Bel, Eamon McGrath, Elaquent, Ell V Gore, Esther Grey, Gord Auld, House League, INTERSTLLR, Lee Reed, Lesley Flanigan, Lucky Dragons, Maylee Todd, METZ, Minotaurs, Motem, OG Melody, The Magic, The Weather Station, Tops, Tristan Perich.

Kazoo! Fest 2011

Kazoo! Fest 2011:
Anagram, Bonjay, Catl, Call Your Friends, D-Sisive, Eiyn Sof, Elfin Saddle, Evening Hymns, Gobble Gobble, Hinindar, Jenny Omnichord, Kidstreet, King Cobb Steelie, Lowlands, Matters, Mike Duguay, Miramichi, Motem, Rich Aucoin, Rival Boys, Simone Downes (of One Hundred Dollars), Skene, Tasseomancy, The Magic, The Skeletones Four, The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, Wax Mannequin, Whoop-SZO.

Kazoo! Fest 2010

Kazoo! Fest 2010:
Ben Gunning, Bocce, Brides, Bruce Peninsula, Cousins, Diamond Rings, Duzheknew, Eric Chenaux, Flowers of Hell, Green Go, Gregory Pepper & His Problems, Katie Stelmanis, Lisa Bozikovic, Lullabye Arkestra, Miles Jones, Noah23, Pop Winds, PS I Love You, Rae Spoon, Rich Aucoin, Richard Laviolette & The Oil Spills, Ryan Driver, Sarah Mangle Buys A Bear, Sean Nicholas Savage, Silly Kissers, Soft Copy, Tasseomancy, The D’urbervilles, Weird Weather.

Kazoo! Fest 2008:
Brides, Casey Mecija, Forest City Lovers, Harri Palm & Molly Kurvink, Hylozoists, Jenny Omnichord, Jordaan Mason & The Horse Museum, Kite Hill, Mandibles, One Hundred Dollars, Polydactyl Hearts Collective, Richard Laviolette & The Oil Spills, Rouge, Sandro Perri, Slim Twig, The Bicycles, The Burning Hell, The Magic, The Racoon Wedding, The Youngest, Timber Timbre, Tusks, Wet Nose Hero.