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Thanks for another amazing Kazoo! Fest

Our hearts are full of love. Thanks to everyone who braved the ice and freezing rain… artists, volunteers, organizers, show-goers, sponsors, and all the wonderful people who support Kazoo! Fest in so many different ways. For so many reasons I don’t think anyone will forget this year ❤️

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Thanks to photographer Sean McCabe for capturing these moments.

Kazoo! Fest 2018: Sunday Preview

You did it!

You’ve made it to the end of Kazoo! Fest, and if you’re up and reading this, it means that you’ve still got enough in you for the Pancake Breakfast, whatta champ!

Photo by Jay Shuster

Head on over to Boarding House Arts at 10 AM (early birds get a special pin to show what a trooper they are!) for a morning of great food, great buds, great tunes, and lots of coffee. Co-presented by Riverfest Elora, it’ll be a morning of entrancing and meditative tunes by Joyful Joyful, Lee Watson, and Hymns57, as well as a co-presentation by Ed Video in the Capacity 3 Gallery: YKMSNTR – an animation by Ken Ogawa with a soundtrack by Clara Venice. It’ll be the perfect, dreamy outro for what has hopefully been a perfect, dreamy five days. It’s always hard to say goodbye to a good time, but stellar company makes it a little easier.


Kazoo! Fest, it’s happening!

The weather isn’t ideal but we’re keeping an eye on the situation and planning to move ahead with all Kazoo! Fest events as scheduled.

Please check back here or on our social media feeds for updates on any changes to planned events.

If you are out driving or walking, please be careful. Thanks and ❤ Kazoo!

Kazoo! Fest 2018: Saturday Preview

Here we go. Hope you saved some energy because today is going to be a big one.

Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli

Kick things off right at the Kazoo! Print Expo, co-presented by Wyndham Art Supplies and The Dragon, where you can pick up some prints from your favourite artists. This will be taking place at Mitchell Hall from 11am to 4pm, which is great because you’ll be right by Kazoo! HQ (127 Woolwich Street) so you can check out the synth hang at 10:30am followed by a very special artist talk with Beverly Glenn-Copeland at 1pm.

Over at Guelph Music, you can catch Guelph’s Hang-Tenner’s, Danny Don’t Surf, and those fine garage cats known as Tough Age (surprise!). This one kicks off at 1:30pm.

At 4pm, you can get cozy at the Red Brick Cafe with a coffee and the dreamy tunes of Innes Wilson followed by the awesomeness that Dorothea Paas brings. After this, you’ll probably have time to run over to Outpost Vintage for an art reception for Kendra Yee & JG’s Velvet 2000 where JG will also be spinning some tunes along with a DJ set from Korea Town Acid from 4pm to 6pm.

Now is your chance to power nap, grab a bite with those friends you met at the Faith Healer show, chill on your couch and tone out to that Joseph Shabason LP you picked up last night or maybe just come by Kazoo! HQ to hang out for a bit. You do you.

OK, let’s continue.

With our friends at Sappyfest and CFRU 93.3 FM, we are unbelievably thrilled to present Beverly Glenn-Copeland & Indigo Rising (featuring Jeremy Costello, Nick Dourado, Bianca Palmer, Kurt Inder and Thom Gill) with a special acoustic set from Kazoo! favorite WHOOP-Szo, at Dublin Street United Church. WHOOP-Szo, who are fresh off a tour of Mexico, will kick things off at 8pm sharp. Advance tickets and festival passes will get you into this one – but you can also pay at the door!

Longtime Kazoo! supporters, The Cornerstone, will be hosting a super chill show stacked with an artist that monopolizes much of our stereo time, L CON, alongside the sweetness that Montreal’s James Irwin has to offer – that fires up at 9pm!

Photo by Lisette Markiewicz

Meanwhile, over at the ANAF, our buds from Wavelength in Toronto are co-presenting a banger featuring one of the festival’s most anticipated sets from Luge, the return of Hammer city hereoes Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band and WLMRT, a great band from Toronto we’ve wanted ever since we first heard them. And, hey, if that’s not sweet enough, Guelph supreme champs Bonnie Trash are there to close out the night. Music at 10!

Maybe you’re looking for something a bit more ethereal? If that’s the case, might we suggest heading over to 10C at 10pm for the mad genius that is Guelph’s Evan Gordon’s Funhouse (FKA SHED), Nova Scotia’s mezmerizing Special Costello, the exploratory expansive soundscapes of Constellation Record’s Joni Void and the riches of Baby Cages? You certainly can’t go wrong there.

Meanwhile, those golden kids over at Place 4 Bands are helping throw the party of the festival at eBar with music from Kazoo! HQ top pick, Toronto’s Matthew Progress, the always-better-than-last-time-but-were-amazing-since-we-first-saw-them Doomsquad, Daniel Woodhead’s brilliant Moon King and the captivating beats of Korea Town Acid (!!!). Music starts just after 10, party goes lateeee.

There’s lots – but we feel confident in saying anywhere you go, you will have a great time. So down your coffee, highlight your schedules and hit the town.

Go see a favourite, go see something new.

Kazoo! Fest 2018: Friday Preview

We hope you enjoyed the wonder and beauty that was Wednesday night and the ram-jammed hit factory that was Thursday night, but Friday is when you really have to start planning carefully.

Photo by Allison CameronWe start off easy enough with two of the Guelph areas best and brightest: Nicolette & The Nobodies with Rich Burnett. Starting at 4PM, get your country and folk fill at Planet Bean, bring the kids, and bliss out / get down to some really great homegrown music. If you’re looking for something a bit heavier, head on up the street to Take Time Vintage for the slacker rock stylings of Sackville’s Kurt Inder and local shoegrunge group EDDYEVVY.

Things get a bit trickier as the night goes on. At the beautiful Heritage Hall (83 Essex St), we have Toronto’s Nicole Rampersaud and Germaine Liu starting off the night proper with experimental jazz vibes that will challenge and amaze, followed by Montreal’s Platitudes, with an experimental electro skronk set, featuring dazzling visuals and otherwordly feelings. Closing out the night at Heritage Hall, Joseph Shabason and co. (feat. Bernice’s Thom Gill, Phil Melanson and Bram Gielen, and Nicole Rampersaud) will play new tracks and huge cuts from 2017’s critically acclaimed and goofily named Aytche.

Photo by Paz Ramirez Larrain

Just up the block from Heritage Hall is Silence (43 Essex Street),  which will feature two of our favourite acts from Toronto. First up at 8:30 PM is MAS AYAthe project of percussion wunderkind and Not The Wind not The Flag Member Brandon Valdivia brings together free jazz, afrobeat and tropicalia, spinning it in its own distinct way. Following Mas Aya is the incredible Castle If. Creating “retro-futuristic, cosmic exotica,” Castle If showcases mellow synths, experimental song structures, and a mastery of mind expanding mellowness.

Now things start to get really difficult, as you’ll have to make some tough choices. Guelph’s hometown psych-visual instrumental rulers Versa are releasing their first full length album overat Kazoo! HQ (123 Woolwich Street) at 9PM, followed by BUDI, the project of multi-instrumentalist Nick Dourada, which will be playing as a 7 piece experimental R&B Funk extravaganza, featuring some of the best musicians at the festival.

One of the highlights of this year’s Kazoo! Fest is our first ever curatorial partnership with Revolutions Per Minute, whose “mission is to build a visionary community of Indigenous artists and to introduce Indigenous music to new audiences.” Kicking off the night at 9:30 at 10C Shared Space (42 Carden Street) is a Kazoo! Favourite, Ziibiwan, who will blow all minds with his “deeply hypnotic spaces where land, sky, and deep sea meet.” Following this will be Silla+Rise, from Nunavut and Ottawa – an incredible mix of throat singing and electronic dance music that is unlike anything we’ve ever heard. Closing out the night will be Winnipeg’s Boogey the Beat, one of the foremost DJs and beatmakers in the country.

Over at the eBar we have a perfect show that blends hip hop with experimental R&B and Jazz (what could be better?). Hamilton noise jazz weirdos Eschaton will be kicking things off, and Toronto’s musical royalty Witch Prophet is following it up with a set of mind-expanding, soul quenching R&B. 2018 Juno hip hop nominee (for self-released Lil Mont from the Ave) Clairmont the Second is closing out the night at eBar with perfect hip hop anthems.

If scrappy punk and power pop is more your thing, ANAF will be delivering in full with Montreal’s Prime Junk kicking off the night at 10:15, with a set full of anthemic indie bangers. Toronto’sTough Age is up next, and these guys are tour tight, packed with hooks, and one of the best power pop post punk bands in the country. Closing out the ANAF will be Fest Faves and local darlings Ten Boy Summer! Get there early, stay late, and no hats please.