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Kazoo! #259: Homeshake / Guy’s# – July 26th @ eBar

We’re very excited to have some of our fave softies of all time back in town from Montreal. Homeshake blew everyone’s minds when they played Kazoo! Fest in 2015, and Peter Sagar and co. have only gotten tighter, sweeter, and amazinger in the time since. Born in the bleak isolation of the secluded prairie city of Edmonton, Canada, Homeshake’s Peter Sagar worked with friends in a number of local bands before picking up and moving to Montreal in 2011 to begin recording under the Homeshake moniker. Following two self-released cassettes (The Homeshake Tapes and Dynamic Meditation) and two acclaimed full lengths (In The Shower and Midnight Snack), Sagar cracks a window open with his third album for Sinderlyn – Fresh Air. Started immediately following the recording of Midnight Snack, Fresh Air continues Sagar’s exploration of dreamy, downtempo bedroom R&B and draws inspiration from such disparate artists like Sade, The Band, Broadcast, Prince, and Angelo Badalamenti. As the title Fresh Air suggests, Sagar’s songs were created to clear his listeners’ minds of negativity. Full of smokey, laid back love songs and airy productions, Sagar’s decidedly stoned sound is a breath of fresh air.

Featuring members of Monomyth and Old and Weird, this mysterious four-piece performs in a circle sitting in the middle of the stage, and aside from the one song above, that’s all we know about them.

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 @ The ebar (41 Quebec Street)
All Ages / Licensed – Doors at 10pm – $12 (at the door)

Unfortunately, eBar is not an accessible venue.

If you are coming from out of town, and are worried this will sell out, please email info@kazookazoo.ca with the names of people coming and we will hold a spot for you until 11PM.

Poster by the incredible Gillian Wilson

Kazoo! # 258 : Mauno / Ten Boy Summer – July 6th @ eBar

Mao-no. It’s pronounced Mao-No. Winning hearts every time they step on stage or whenever someone new hears their incredible debut, Rough Master, or their new 7-inch on Flemish Eye, Halifax’s Mauno recalls the smart, introspective guitar rock of Chad VanGaleen and Jon McKiel while bringing something new to the table. Once again, Mao-No. You don’t want to mispronounce the name of a band this good.

Hailing from Stratford, Ontario this trio featuring Mary King, Calder Mckenna, and Justin Chadwick is a laid-back, pop-grungy treat. Their lo-fi pop is the soundtrack to the sweetest summer BBQ, the sweetest summer breeze and your sweetest summer romance. Grab your bathing suit and hit the beach with one of our new favorite bands, Ten Boy Summer.

Kazoo! #258: Thursday July 6th 2017
@ The ebar (41 Quebec Street)
All Ages / Licensed – Doors at 10pm – $10

Poster by Emma Welch

Kazoo! #257: Fet.Nat, This Saxophone Kills Fascists, S.H.E.D. – June 23rd @ DSTRCT

Hailing from the hotbed of Hull and Ottawa’s experimental scene, Fet.Nat are a force to be reckoned with. Blending eclectic musics into something truly unique, Fet.Nat defies categorization. Is it post-punk? Is it free jazz? Is it dance music? Is it art rock? All we know is that it rules. With every new release becoming an immediate staple around Kazoo! Headquarters, their explosive live show continues to be one of the best we have ever seen.

This Saxophone Kills Fascists is the spiritual Free Jazz project of Arrington de Dionyso (also of Old Time Relijin). The project seeks new forms and directions for contemporary protest music. Abstraction in music as resistance. Not preaching to the converted, but here to offer prayer, strength and medicine for difficult times.

Guelph’s Evan Gordon is probably on a lot of records you own — and they’re all great. His new project, S.H.E.D., continues that tradition of Gordon pounding out great records while also branching out into new territory with cuts that are somehow night clubbing bangers while also personal bedroom jams all at once. This will be the (long-awaited) debut performance of S.H.E.D. and Kazoo! is thrilled to present this synth heavy trip.

Kazoo! #257 : Friday, June 23rd
@ Dstrct (10 Wyndham Street North)
All Ages / Licensed – Doors at 9PM – $12 at the door

Poster by Gregory Pepper

Kazoo! #256: Special Costello / BUDI / Natural Thirst – June 17th @ Take Time

Special Costello is the ever-developing project by the criminally underrated Jeremy Costello. Whether it’s an eleven minute post-pop/krautrock jam or a minute and a half synth instrumental, Special Costello commands every room with his deeply affecting, awe-inspiring shows. Certainly one of the most astonishing performers we’ve ever presented, it’s a treat to welcome Special Costello back.

Halifax engineer, artist and multi-instrumentalist (involved with Century Egg, Eddy, and Special Costello to name a few), Nick Dourado is one of the East Coast’s brightest gems, and BUDI sees Dourado exploring new terrain. While breaking new ground with BUDI, the music remains accessible, open, and joyful. While sometimes it is reminiscent of Kaytranada, sometime the Avalanches, BUDI is its own beast. Immerse yourself in BUDI.

Natural Thirst is the solo project of Chris Worden (Wolfcow, Baby Cages), backed by Emma & Sara Bortolon-Vettor (Bonnie Trash). Weird pop, goth ballads – sparse, echoey sad songs. Seeing a Natural Thirst performance is like seeing the Loch Ness Monster — rare, hard to document and something you will swear your friends just have to see.

Kazoo! #256: Saturday June 17th 2017 @ Take Time Vintage (18 Wilson Street)
Physically Accessible – All Ages /Licensed – Doors at 9pm – $10
Poster by Emma Green

Kazoo! Fest 2017: Sunday Preview

Well, where do we go from here? We’re still reelin’ and we need a decompress over the night that was. What better way to do that than all get together over at the Boarding House (6 Dublin St. S.) with Saltland, Ziibiwan, Snake Church, Hoodies and Eden Segal-Grossman’s video piece, Renders, where we can all look like these people?

While we’d never close our doors on you, these ones open at 10am.
See you there.