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Kazoo! #266 : Darlene Shrugg + Biblical – Nov 23rd @ eBar

Featuring members of U.S. Girls, Slim Twig, Ice Cream, Tropics, The Highest Order and more, Darlene Shrugg is a Toronto Supergroup in the truest sense of the word. Their music is dense and intelligent, completely packed with riffs and hooks, then layered with a ‘70s rock sheen and a T. Rex glam edge. They have been one of Toronto’s most talked about bands in recent years and, with a long-awaited debut record in tow that’s been dominating the speakers over at Camp Kazoo!, we couldn’t be happier to be have them take over the eBar.

The aptly-named Toronto heavies bring rawk n roll to an epic level, never shying away from the shredding wails and pounding rhythms that still make rock shows exciting. Biblical are like the bastard, leather-clad offspring of Motorhead and Kyuss, and will be making their return in Guelph with the freshly released dense monster that is “The City That Always Sleeps”. This unabashed celebration of crushing guitar riffage, heavy bass, and snarling vocals will rumble the foundations of the Lady Immaculate itself.

Kazoo! #266: Thursday, November 23rd
@ The eBar (41 Quebec Street)
All Ages / Licensed – Doors at 10pm – $10 at the door
Unfortunately, eBar is not an accessible venue.

Poster by JG JG.

Kazoo! #265: Partner / BBQT / Baby Labour – Oct 27th @ eBar

Out of the mighty Sackville, NB scene, Josée Caron and Lucy Niles formed Partner. With a now-legendary live show and following the release their heavily anticipated debut, In Search of Lost Time, on You’ve Changed Records, Partner’s waves are only going to get bigger. With a unique breed of music that deals with everything from queer politics to hot knives, and references to 1990s alternative, Partner might just be Canada’s best new thing.

BBQT is infectious. Packing garage pop hooks that go for miles, you won’t be able get these jams out of your head. They have punch, they have sway, they have it. BBQT have been on our radar for quite some time and we are so excited to finally be bringing them to Guelph. Buds to to front.

Guelph noise rock’s cutest trio, Dan Loughrin, Jake Cadieux and Troy LaFontaine race through beats and chords with the frantic paranoia of speed metal musicians, punctuated by brief, breezy pauses of chilled out riffs. With a great album under their belts, Aruban Sandwich, we are eagerly waiting for this punk, jazz-infused, mathy trio’s next release — due in less than 9 months.

Kazoo! #265: Friday October 27th
@ eBar (41 Quebec Street)
All Ages / Licensed – Doors at 10pm – $10 at the door

Poster by Gregory Pepper

Kazoo! #264: Rae Spoon / Geoff Berner – Oct 18th @ ANAF

Rae Spoon is an award-winning Canadian musician, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and author. They have released eight solo albums spanning folk, indie rock and electronic genres over the past twelve years and have toured across Canada and internationally. Their live shows swing between audience singalongs and large danceable arrangements, which keep them playing everywhere from folk festivals and house concerts to rock concerts and theatres.

For the past 15 years or so, Jewish-Canadian accordion player/singer-songwriter/novelist Geoff Berner has travelled the world. He’s played in bars, cafes, festivals, and the occasional stadium. He’s performed in 17 countries, on national radio in 7 of them.

Kazoo! #264: Wednesday October 18th
@ ANAF (32 Gordon Street) – Physically Accessible Venue
19+ / $12 at door / Doors 9pm

Poster by Emma Green

Kazoo! #262: Jerusalem in my Heart / Scattered Clouds – Sept 30th @ Silence

Jerusalem In My Heart is a live audio-visual performance project, with Montréal-based producer and musician Radwan Ghazi Moumneh and Montréal-based filmmaker Charles-André Coderre at its core. Jerusalem In My Heart release their music on Montreal label Constellation Records and pack a live show that is not to be missed.

Scattered Clouds’ sound is dark, experiential and post apocalyptic. It layers artificial enstasy with bouts of unsteady euphoria and romanticism. Brooding rhythms and precise noise from this experimental 3-piece underline film noir imagery and auto-fictional narratives.

Kazoo! #262: Saturday, September 30th
@ Silence (46 Essex Street)

All Ages / Licensed – Doors at 8pm – $10 at the door
Silence is a fully accessible venue

Kazoo! #263: Weaves / Bonnie Trash – Oct 6th @ eBar

Weaves returns to Guelph to show you what it’s like when you pair one of the tightest backing bands in Toronto with one of the most compelling singers. Weaves take post-punk spazziness, mix it with an improvisational spirit and churn out informed, exciting art rock like you’ve never heard. This show marks the release of their new LP ‘Wide Open’.

Twin sisters that shred, creating songs that wouldn’t sound out of place on the “To Live and Die in LA” soundtrack. Soaring vocals, innovative ‘80s-sounding guitar wailing and programming – it all comes together to make songs that hint at nostalgia while looking to a dystopian future. The cool kids at the party have arrived.

Kazoo! #263: Friday October 6th
@ The ebar (41 Quebec Street)
All Ages / Licensed – Doors at 10pm
$12 at the door / $10 in Advance

Unfortunately, eBar is not an accessible venue.

Poster by Yvonnne Weiss