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Why Bonnie Trash Rules by Devere Agard

Photo by Carly Hunt

Bonnie Trash

Long before Bonnie Trash, I first met Emma and Sara Bortolon Vettor in their first musical inception, Red Rosary. A smokin’ four piece outfit also featuring Dana Bellamy and Emma Tarbush. Red Rosary were performing one summer afternoon in downtown Guelph and I was drawn to their sound and I became friends with them ever since.

Bonnie Trash excite me because they remind me of my youth when I didn’t care if my musical tastes were de rigueur or not. Their sound is dark, edgy, unsettling and comfortable at the same time. Like a dark, cinematic horror movie containing forbidden themes. Bonnie Trash rules because Ezzelini’s Dead takes their influences and vision through osmosis and makes it uniquely them. Bonnie Trash also rule because they are not only cool musicians they are great people. With Girls Rock Camp, they give back to the community and empower young budding talent.

Now with Chris Worden on bass in the fold I’m awaiting the next musical phase of the band. So do your self a favour check out Bonnie Trash at Kazoo! Fest or wherever. Why? Because they are a happening band with a sweet, dark unfettered sound.

Devere Agard aka the funkybluesdoctor has made Canada is home since moving here as a six year old from London, England. He is the host and DJ of Planet Groove airing every Friday 10 am on CFRU 93.3 FM. Also a big fan of Jeff Beck.

Bonnie Trash plays Kazoo! Fest 2018 on Saturday April 14th with Luge and Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band at the ANAF (32 Gordon St.)


Kazoo! Fest 2018 Schedule

Get ready! Kazoo! Fest 2018 is just over a month away and we’ve announced our full festival schedule including initial details about our visual arts program and tickets.

This year we’re taking over downtown Guelph with 25 events happening over 5 days. You’re going to want to be everywhere at once, so we suggest you do your homework, grab a Crony Pass, and get ready for Kazoo! Fest 2018.

We’re also excited to announce a few exciting additions to our 2018 music lineup including: Anishinaabe DJ and Producer Boogey The Beat (presented by Revolutions Per Minute), Toronto noise punks WLMRT, and Guelph’s own Nicolette & The Nobodies and Danny Don’t Surf.

Kazoo! HQ is back in 2018! Swing by the 6,000 sq/ft warehouse to hang out, for festival information, plus check the schedule for the Look Hear festival launch, mind-melting performances, a Synth Hang, an artist talk, screenings, and amazing visual art. Featured visual art includes Kendra Yee’s striking tapestries in the lounge, Ben Grossman’s sound installation stretching across the performance space, and VERSA’s live camera psychedelic video installation – plus a few other surprises.

We’re still looking for volunteers, so please consider helping us out, and in exchange getting into some shows for free. And thanks to our amazing funders, local business partners, and co-presenters who help make this all possible.

Why Cindy Lee Rules by JG

Cindy Lee

Hello, JG here. I just lit a patchouli incense and refilled my cup of coffee and am staring into this brief window of faux spring – wondering where to begin. How does one unpack their feelings for a person inseparable from a sound that takes you to that place ?

Do you know that place ? Have you been?

I used to have a room there. I go back there sometimes to visit, there is a great balcony.

For context, Cindy Lee is the drag persona and audible project of Pat Flegel, arguably a cult hero in the eyes of the people who appreciate a guitar riff – though it would be misleading of me to steer into that past connection, as the way she approaches making this music feels very distinct to me.

When I listen to Cindy Lee recordings I often feel the most cathartic orchestra of hash angels ringing through my room, as though I become aware again of every hand I’ve ever held and at the same time conscious that there is nobody coming. As though my hands are clean, washed over by this sound offering to the bearings of solitude, I become so available to this resonance. With the luster of a renewed faith in tragedy, it is the door slamming in bright tones and the pearl atlas opening up intuitively. It’s the speeding car with flame decals carrying every cassette from the early 1960’s girl group in the console, and I get in knowing that I won’t be back for a little while.  It’s music for one who wonders what it means to be a sprig of chamomile trying to flower in a pavement vase.

I am always transfixed by Cindy Lee and the way she mends melodies that walk you through the doorway of operas and soul ballads, to Cambodian Khmer pop and Eurythmics-esque new wave, then down hallways veering into a tin-can basement to bask in dissonance.

Sometimes I think it’s like if Annie Lennox and The Shirelles were performing in the courtyard of a construction site in full operation and the show would continue when the workers took their lunch break and that’s when the audience would realize the beauty of danger and the danger of beauty and all be holding each other closely. But that’s a weird analogy, right?

I’d recommend listening to the Cindy Lee records for yourself, hold onto the faith that she is an angel who is going to slow dance on your heart while performing, and feel free to call me if you need anything.

Bye !

JG is a visual artist currently based in Guelph, ON. JG is the Kazoo! Fest 2018 Poster Artist.

Cindy Lee plays Kazoo! Fest 2018 on Friday April 13th with The Powers and a dance performance from CHURCH at Kazoo! HQ (127 Woolwich St.)


Kazoo! Fest Podcast 2018 Ep #1: Joseph Shabason & Faith Healer

Deaner and Dunster interview Tone Zone regular and brand new daddy Joseph Shabason about what Kazoo! Fest goers can expect from his ambient jazz set (featuring Nicole Rampersaud, Thom GIll, Phil Melanson, and Bram Gielen), his newly recorded album, and his love for Gigi Masin and Rancid. Then, the boys are star struck when they get to interview one of their favourite Canadian musicians, Faith Healer front person Jessica Jalbert. Jessica and the boys discuss her musical partner Renny Wilson, getting paid, and how amazing Elle Barbara is. And here’s what they played…

Joseph Shabason Aytche
Matthew Progress – Sip Test
Faith Healer – Light of Loving
Elle Barbara – Sexe Machine
Clairmont the Second – the Ave in You
Jom Comyn – Frozen Sidewalks

Thanks to our friends at CFRU 93.3 FM!

Why Eschaton Rules by Monika Hauck


The first time I saw Eschaton, I was naive and unsuspecting. I was new-ish to experimental music, new-ish to improvisation and certainly new to contemporary jazz. I took what little I knew to their performance and came out the other side with what felt like a fully-paid-for education. Eschton’s lecture is delivered wordless, they masterfully navigate measures and scales while balancing dissonance with harmony. Their synergy is palpable and unnerving, you feel every twisting moment alongside them as they make hopeful glances while they steer through the consequences of the chosen notes.

Eschaton’s approach to improvisation and sound creation recalls the most basic reasons for why I love seeing live music. They deliver an energy that cannot be achieved through any form of recorded content, and the exchange between musicians is the type of communication that highlights the best qualities of being human. Best of all, Connor and Aaron share that feeling directly with audience, making for a kinetic performance that leaves you invigorated, fresh-faced and ready to embrace whatever the future holds.

If the end of the world happens to happen while you experience Eschaton, you would have chosen well to witness their performance. Swirling, jittering, and jolting shifts that in and of itself defines the texture of experience. To be in one place, to be present, listening and waiting. Clattering spurts and a shower of sound envelopes you, commands your awareness. Time feels different, you hang between moments of sporadic chemistry and weave together a soundscape that in the sum of its parts, is all of life before the end. Take heed, prepare yourselves, experience Eschaton and hear the chaos of the universe tightly knotted before it’s too late.

Monika Hauck is a Guelph-based visual artist and a member of VERSA. VERSA will be performing at Kazoo! Fest 2018 on Friday April 13th at Kazoo! HQ (127 Woolwich St.)

Eschaton plays Kazoo! Fest 2018 on Friday April 13th with Clairmont The Second and Witch Prophet at eBar (41 Quebec St.)