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Kazoo! is a Guelph based new music series and annual festival showcasing independent music and art. Kazoo! Fest 2018 will be happening April 11-15th, 2018 in Guelph, Ontario.

Kazoo! Mission:
Kazoo! Festival is a not-for-profit arts organization dedicated to supporting emerging musicians and building community by creating inclusive and diversely curated experiences that connect artists and audiences.

Kazoo! Audience Policy:
Kazoo! respects the rights of each member of our diverse audience, and is committed to providing an environment in which everyone can feel safe. Any behaviour which could reasonably be perceived as physically, emotionally, or mentally harmful to individuals at Kazoo! events will result in the removal of the offending party, and a potential ban from future Kazoo! events. Let’s all look out for each other and have a good time!

A brief history of Kazoo!
Kazoo! was founded as a music series in June 2006 by a collective of Guelph based musicians, multi-disciplinary artists and community organizers. Kazoo! was created with the desire to create a space for innovative new music and make connections between diverse audiences and artists. Over the past 9 years Kazoo! has hosted over 200 shows, presenting well over 500 performer as part of our ongoing new-music series and hosted 8 annual festivals. Kazoo! Festival has increasingly become the focus of our year-round activities, showcasing the breadth of our programming in a 5 day celebration of independent music and art.

Since 2006, Kazoo! has been influential in debuting some of the best new independent music in Canada as well as showcasing local musicians. Since it’s inception Kazoo! has always been about more than music. Our festival programming has included literary events, film screenings, multimedia performances, visual art, and so much more. Kazoo! is a community based project and we regularly work with other arts organizations, promoters, and community groups to make amazing things happen. Over the years we’ve built a community one step at a time by creating spaces for innovative live music and art. We hope you’ll join us sometime and see what Kazoo! is all about.

Kazoo! Festival Accessibility:

Kazoo! Festival is committed to removing barriers to participation in our events and to raising awareness around issues of accessibility and disability in Guelph’s music scene. Due to a shortage of affordable accessible venues in the city, it is currently not always possible for us to host every event in a fully accessible space. However, Kazoo! Festival will clearly outline accessibility details in all promotional materials. We recognize that there are many barriers to participation and our goal is to be aware of accessibility problems that we hope we can resolve to ensure everyone is able to enjoy our events. If you have any questions about accessibility or ways in which you think we could improve accessibility at our event please let us know at info@kazookazoo.ca.