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Korea Town Acid + Evan Gordon – Kazoo! Fest Podcast 2018 Ep #3

Reverend Randerz (aka The Rock Doctor) the fearless host of Underground Rock and Roll Armageddon on CFRU 93.3 FM along with co-host Leonard Skwozen ($ensi Bo¥) present a special edition of the Kazoo! Podcast series. Join these local community music crusaders as they catch up with Korea Town Acid and Evan Gordon to discuss their upcoming Kazoo! Fest appearances. Also catch a wicked selection of bands playing the festival but listen to Whoop-Szo on your own as we ran out of time and need you to listen to them too. Long live rock and roll \m/

Bonnie Trash – Sleepless Sheep
Faith Healer – Try
Korea Town Acid – Mahogani Forest
Bird City – Salvage Diver
Evan Gordon’s Funhouse – Apocalypse Love
L CON – How Much Shall We Bet

Thanks to our friends at CFRU 93.3 FM!