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Kazoo! Fest 2018: Sunday Preview

You did it!

You’ve made it to the end of Kazoo! Fest, and if you’re up and reading this, it means that you’ve still got enough in you for the Pancake Breakfast, whatta champ!

Photo by Jay Shuster

Head on over to Boarding House Arts at 10 AM (early birds get a special pin to show what a trooper they are!) for a morning of great food, great buds, great tunes, and lots of coffee. Co-presented by Riverfest Elora, it’ll be a morning of entrancing and meditative tunes by Joyful Joyful, Lee Watson, and Hymns57, as well as a co-presentation by Ed Video in the Capacity 3 Gallery: YKMSNTR – an animation by Ken Ogawa with a soundtrack by Clara Venice. It’ll be the perfect, dreamy outro for what has hopefully been a perfect, dreamy five days. It’s always hard to say goodbye to a good time, but stellar company makes it a little easier.