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Kazoo! Fest 2017 – Podcast #4

Hymns57, host of CFRU‘s Aural Tethers chats with Roarke Menzies for this installment of Kazoo Fest Podcast. They chat about Roarke’s semi nomadic upbringing, musical evolution, and discography. Menzies opens up about his unique and ethereal take on live vocal performance. Also, Hymns57 takes 4 brand new tracks from Roarke Menzies, Hexzuul, Xuan Ye and Brigette Bardon’t and offers a 30 minute mix, showcasing the tracks that will be available on a limited edition cassette that will be for sale at the show Saturday April 8th at the Kazoo Fest HQ, which is co-presented with CHANNEL and Ed Video. Here’s what to expect…

Hexzuul – Pleistocene Drift
Xuan Ye – Dawns Upon Me In The Snow, Becoming Ravens
Roarke Menzies – Prosthetic Memory
Brigette Bardon’t – b4 + after (sexy bitch demo)

Thanks to our friends at CFRU 93.3 FM!