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Kazoo! #287: Joseph Shabason w/ Freaky Boos – Sun Jan 20th @ Red Brick Cafe

Joseph Shabason
Those who are fans of Joseph Shabason’s work with Destroyer, War on Drugs, and DIANA might not know that his true musical love is synth drones and instrumental ambience. Shabason crafted one of 2017’s most daring yet palatable avant-garde releases, with ‘Aytche’, which tackled subjects like The Holocaust, assisted suicide, and terminal disease. His new album ‘Anne’ is a gorgeously aching rumination on his Mother’s personal struggle with a debilitating illness.

Freaky Boos
Is this a dream, or is this real life? Lucky for us, the answer to this question can truly only be discovered through the musical roller coaster journey offered by none other than the Freaky Boos. Comprised of Jackson Darby (Persons, NPNP), Aaron Hutchinson (Hutchie, eschaton, haolin munk), and Becky Katz (Sourpussy, glassEYElashes, Please), The Freaky Boos unite under the pretense of experimentally-slick yet sonically-glitchy electronic music–forging to the trippy forefront of our surrealities, substantiating our reflexes for more brave, more weird, more succinct “dream” worlds. Driven by the fiercely decisive direction of Dons Brown (producer), the trio have congruently melded their diverse musical maps to reflect only the brightest and oddest of jazzy tendencies and electro-r&b fevers–paired with a side of spiritual transformations.

Thanks to Downtown Guelph for including this show as part of the wonderful Music Weekends in Downtown Guelph series.

Sunday January 20th @ Red Brick Cafe (8 Douglas Street)
All Ages / Licensed – Show at 2:00pm – Pay-What-You-Can