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Kazoo! Fest Podcast 2018 Ep #2: Bird City

With zero tenacity, minimal intensity, and nothing that resembles perspicacity, Glacio de Fluvial of CFRU 93.3 FM interviews Jenny Mitchell of Bird City. They talk Kazoo memories, “Snack Chat”, “Memories Of Chips”, “Watchu Prefer”, “Sad Sad Stories”, and “Chat Quack!” Yet fear not, there are also horrible accents, bad impressions, and then finally, the story behind the twelve year journey from Barmitzvah Brother, to Jenny Omnichord to the release of Bird City’s debut album “Winnowing” which was released last fall on Label Fantastic/Coax Records!

Bird City – Bird City
Bird City – Salvage Diver
Bird City – Hours
Jom Comyn – Stay Inside
Tough Age – Ghost
Whoop-Szo – All My Friends

Thanks to our friends at CFRU 93.3 FM!

Kazoo! Fest Podcast 2018 Ep #1: Joseph Shabason & Faith Healer

Deaner and Dunster interview Tone Zone regular and brand new daddy Joseph Shabason about what Kazoo! Fest goers can expect from his ambient jazz set (featuring Nicole Rampersaud, Thom GIll, Phil Melanson, and Bram Gielen), his newly recorded album, and his love for Gigi Masin and Rancid. Then, the boys are star struck when they get to interview one of their favourite Canadian musicians, Faith Healer front person Jessica Jalbert. Jessica and the boys discuss her musical partner Renny Wilson, getting paid, and how amazing Elle Barbara is. And here’s what they played…

Joseph Shabason Aytche
Matthew Progress – Sip Test
Faith Healer – Light of Loving
Elle Barbara – Sexe Machine
Clairmont the Second – the Ave in You
Jom Comyn – Frozen Sidewalks

Thanks to our friends at CFRU 93.3 FM!

Kazoo! Fest 2017 – Podcast #8

For our 8th Kazoo! Fest Podcast, we’ve got an episode of Vish Khanna’s amazing podcast Kreative Kontrol, check it out and subscribe!

Century Egg is an artful young pop-rock band based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Featuring lyrics in Mandarin and English sung by a young woman named Shane Keyu Song, Century Egg are an animated quartet in more ways then one. They’ve just released a new EP called River God, and are set to play select shows across Canada, including stops at the Ebar in Guelph on April 7 for Kazoo! Fest. Song, Robert Drisdelle, Tri Le, and Nick Dourado make up Century Egg and all of them recently joined Vish for an in-depth conversation about what life is like in Halifax, Calgary, and China, Shane’s upbringing in China and her background as a graphic artist and animator, oppression and liberation, racialized and underrepresented musicians in Canada, playing cool music, and much more. Sponsored by the Bookshelf, Pizza Trokadero, and Planet Bean Coffee.

Thanks to our friends at CFRU 93.3 FM!

Kazoo! Fest 2017 – Podcast #7

Author Jesse Ruddock was by the ocean in Long Beach, NY when she talked to Chelsea Cockshutt from CFRU‘s The Flannel Hour for this episode of the Kazoo! Fest podcast. Jesse and Chelsea talk about isolation and loneliness, the power of water, hockey, and of course Jesse’s debut novel Shot-Blue. Following their conversation you’ll hear some tracks from The Magic, US Girls, and Gregory Pepper & His Problems including…

The Magic – Never Lock The Door
U.S. Girls – Damn That Valley
Gregory Pepper & His Problems – This Town

Thanks to our friends at CFRU 93.3 FM!

Kazoo! Fest 2017 – Podcast #6

This week Andrea Patehviri of CFRU 93.3‘s Indie Alarm Clock has a conversation with Katie Ewald, curator of Short&Sweet Guelph Edition 2017, and Kelly McCullough, fan of Short&Sweet! Short&Sweet will showcase 32 contemporary dancers who have carte blanche to create whatever they want… as long as it is under three minutes! Any artist going over the allotted time will be immediately cut off. Katie, Kelly, and I discuss the ways in which time constraints may affect the creation of a work of art, how Short&Sweet breaks down barriers to make contemporary dance more accessible to the general public, as well as the concept of artistic illiteracy and how it should never deter someone from experiencing a new art form – we all need to start somewhere! Let this interview be your intro to Short&Sweet’s intro to contemporary dance! Following the chat will be some of the music that you can hear live at Kazoo! Fest including…

Bernice – Dreamtime
Un Blonde – Who I Am
Gregory Pepper & His Problems – Nothing Songs
John Southworth – Fiddler Crossed the Border
Richard Laviolette – Old Country Music

Thanks to our friends at CFRU 93.3 FM!