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Live Visuals

Emily Pelstring

Emily Pelstring is a media artist whose work deals with gender, technology and regimes of representation through surreal fictions. In her installation work, these fictions extend across the motion picture, gallery, and performance site. Her films and installations have been shown internationally in galleries and festivals. Since 2010, she has directed music videos for numerous collaborators and clients. She has two ongoing multimedia collaborations, Inflatable Deities (with Jessica Mensch) and The Powers (with Jessica Mensch and Katherine Kline).

Thursday April 8th @ eBar

Karl Skene

Karl Skene creates audio-reactive, site specific visual installations incorporating projection mapping, LED fixtures, lasers, and found objects. His work is most often seen in forward thinking underground dance music parties in Toronto, but he also works with several bands performing live visuals and creating music videos. Karl takes an experimental approach to both content creation and lighting design, with the goal of facilitating unique, otherworldly sensory experiences.

Friday April 7th & Saturday April 8th @ Mitchell Hall

Analog Arsenal by VERSA VERSA

Analog Arsenal is a project from the audio/visual performance & printmaking collective VERSA made up of Monika Hauck and Alex Ricci, who were the recipients of the 2015 Look Hear Micro-Grant. Expanding on their increasing infatuation with live improvisation and sound-responsive visuals, VERSA will use their Analog Arsenal to produce engrossing video backdrops using hand-crafted props and locally-sourced imagery.

Friday April 7th @ eBar
Saturday April 8th @ Heritage Hall