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Velvet 2000 by Kendra Yee & JG

Velvet 2000 is an assembly of works in print, ceramic and painted material by Kendra Yee & JG. Together their work will explore the topics of shared space, fringe relatability and collaboration through the making process and combined presentation.

Check it out in the window @ Outpost Vintage during Kazoo! Fest with a reception Saturday, April 14, 4-6pm

Kendra Yee is a Toronto-based artist, designer, and curator. Her work consists of mixed-media paintings, ceramic sculptures, and panel-based illustrations. She likes to create speculative worlds filled with fluid characters.

JG is a Guelph-based artist, printmaker, painter, and art-comic writer. They identify with the freak-trash disco queen approach to living and making pictorial works on paper, clothing and wood cut out objects.