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Know Your Neighbours

Neigh Square - Know Your Neighbours
Know Your Neighbours is a collaborative audio/visual project between two multidisciplinary couples: one old Guelph, and one new to Guelph. Jenny Mitchell (Jenny Omnichord, Bird City), Scott Haynes (Shopkeeper), and Curtis Walker (Blunderspublik) used interviews of Guelph residents as a starting point to create music that employs acoustic and electronic techniques, which will be performed alongside live illustration by Devon Kerslake to explore the question: Do you know your neighbours?

Know Your Neighbours (performance) – April 6th, 8pm
@ Silence (46 Essex Street)

This project was commissioned as part of the Look Hear Micro-Grant which helps fund the creation of a new multimedia performance created by local artists to debut at Kazoo! Fest each year. Thanks to our friends at Ed Video Media Arts Centre for helping make this opportunity possible.